When your windshield suffers an irreparable crack, must you opt for brand-new auto glass? If you own a popular vehicle model, there are plenty of salvage yards where you can find a replacement windshield for a fraction of the price you’d pay for a new one. But should you take that route? Is it safe to put a used windshield on your car or truck? Read on to find out.


Are Used Windshields Safe?

In the state of Minnesota, it’s illegal for any business to sell you a windshield that’s damaged in any way. So on a very basic level, yes, used windshields should be safe, but that’s not always the case. Just because you don’t see any chips or cracks in the glass doesn’t necessarily mean it’s safe to have that glass installed on your vehicle.


Auto Glass Removal and the Potential for Damage

Vehicle windshields are held in place by heavy-duty, industrial-grade adhesives and sealants that can be very challenging to remove. So when a salvage yard detaches a used windshield from a vehicle, there’s always a chance they’ll compromise the integrity of the glass.


During the removal process, hairline cracks may develop around the edges of the glass that may not even be detectable with the naked eye. But those tiny, nearly invisible damages can put your safety at risk if you elect to install a used windshield on your vehicle.


What’s more, if you take a used windshield to an auto glass repair shop and ask the technicians to install it, they’ll assess the condition of the glass to ensure it’s safe. If there’s anything wrong with the glass, a reputable windshield repair business won’t install it on your vehicle, both to protect your interests and theirs.


Why risk paying for a windshield you can’t even use?


Auto Insurance Coverage and Total Windshield Replacements

If you’re thinking about purchasing used auto glass to save on the price of a windshield replacement, it’s important to check out your auto insurance policy first. Most Minnesota policies provide either partial or full coverage for windshield replacements, and if you file a claim, it’s not likely to raise your premiums.


If you don’t know what your policy covers, contact your insurance provider to find out or get in touch with an auto glass repair shop that can verify your coverage. If your insurance does indeed cover windshield replacements, keep in mind you’ll need to pay your deductible to access that coverage. But even then, that’s a small price to pay for a brand-new windshield that won’t put you or your passengers’ safety at risk.


Need a Windshield Replacement in the Twin Cities?

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