Did you know the glass used for windshields is not the same as those used for other vehicle windows?

Windshield glass is made of laminated glass, and the other windows in a vehicle are typically tempered glass.

Leave it to our auto glass experts to further explain what this means!

Windshield Glass vs. Other Vehicle Windows

It is important for all vehicle glass to be tough and shardproof, which is why all windows in a vehicle are made of safety glass required by the OEM.

Meanwhile, the windshield goes through an additional lamination process to protect passengers.

Tempered Glass (Safety Glass)

Also referred to as safety glass, tempered glass is glass that has gone through a tempering process of extreme heating and rapid cooling. This process makes the glass extremely tough – up to five times stronger than regular glass.

It is not just strength that makes tempered glass ideal for vehicles. When tempered glass does break, it breaks into small pebbles instead of shards.

Laminated Glass

Laminated glass is made by placing a piece of plastic between two pieces of glass. The glass is then heated in an oven called an autoclave.

During an accident or other extreme event that may break the windshield glass, the pieces will stick to the plastic, therefore keeping the driver and passengers safe from shards.

The additional layer of protection for the windshield is a shield from projectiles on the road. The three layers ensure that most small items that come into contact with the window while driving will, at most, break the outer layer.

This area is much more likely to be hit by debris, and the driver in control of the vehicle is behind it, so it is vital to have this additional defense for the windshield.

The safety glass on the rearview window and passenger windows is tough and will hold up in extreme conditions, but it does not need to be as resistant to road debris.

If you are dealing with side window damage, covering it with a trash bag or tape might seem like a good idea and can be a good temporary solution until you can get the repair done.

Do not ignore it because leaving it as is puts your vehicle at risk. If a rainstorm breaks out, your interior and electrical components are compromised, and a broken window is an invitation for burglars that can cost you more than just a replacement.

Original Equipment Manufacture (OEM) Glass Standards

All glass in a new vehicle must meet Original Equipment Manufacture (OEM) standards. The standards are set for every part of a new vehicle by the engineers who designed it.

Because you're getting an original quality replacement, this means the glass is guaranteed to fit your vehicle frame and any ADAS features for easy calibration, and you will meet OEM standards for continued safety in your vehicle.

The biggest disadvantage you'll come up against is pricing because, in most cases, OEM glass will be more expensive than aftermarket, and your insurance company may try to talk you out of it or say it's not covered to save them a couple of bucks.

It also means you will be choosing from aftermarket glass products. While these can be just as good, you want to ensure they meet the Auto Glass Safety Council standards so your car is as safe as possible.

Why is Only 1 Auto a Trusted Choice in Minnesota?

If you have damage to your windshield, do not let it get worse through the winter. Minnesota weather can cause a lot of havoc on any auto glass with a crack or chip because water can get into the crack and expand, causing it to get worse quickly.

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Your time and safety are important to us, so we have a thorough checklist to ensure the job is finished with expert precision. Once our full inspection is completed, we ensure your vehicle's interior is protected and remove any accessories that may be damaged in the repair. We have a proven replacement method, and we only use the highest quality adhesives to make sure your windshield is secure.

Once the installation is complete, we reattach any accessories, thoroughly clean up the interior and exterior, and calibrate your ADAS system.

Don't Compromise on Quality for Your Auto Glass Repair

Only 1 Auto Glass is a registered company with the Auto Glass Safety Council, and we are a BBB-accredited business. Customer satisfaction and safety are our number one goal, and we can come to your location day or night for a professional windshield repair or windshield replacement at your convenience.

If you need auto glass repair or replacement, contact us online or by calling our office at 651-789-1111. We have a 24/7 call line for emergencies as an additional convenience to our customers.