If your auto glass needs a repair in St. Paul or the surrounding areas, Only 1 Auto Glass can fix your window good as new saving you money on a full window replacement. Our # point checklist that our highly trained certified technicians go through with every repair ensures that you will receive the best quality service in the state. After arriving at your location for your convenience a technician will go through 10 steps to restore your car back to its original condition.

10 Step Process of a Quality Window Repair

1. Before the technician begins the job he will do a complete inspection of the vehicle in the area around the damage. This may include the dash, the hood, the wipers, cowling, and clips.

2. After the inspection, the technician will place a protective sheeting over the area where he/she will be working. This is to protect your vehicle from any further damage.

3. The technician will then remove any molding, wipers, cowling, and accessories that may get in the way or be damaged during the repair process.

4. At this point, the technician will remove the damaged part of the windshield using the Full Cut-Out Method. This method is approved by the original manufacturers and is typically set to the old adhesive thickness of approximately 1/16" thickness.

5. Now is the time for the actual repairs, the technician will use the best quality urethane adhesive that meets the standards set by the car's manufacturer for stability, endurance, and fast dry time, and a patented process to apply the adhesive quickly and perfectly.

6. Now while the urethane adhesive dries the technician will reapply any hardware that may have needed to be removed such as windshield wipers, and other accessories.

7. The technician will now test the windshield wipers and other accessories to make sure they are properly reattached.

8. The repair is complete now, except for total clean up. The technician will remove all of the equipment used and then vacuum up every bit of debris left over in and on the car from the job.

9. After the clean up is complete the technician will recheck the manufacturers' drive away time to ensure that the adhesive is set and you can drive safely.

10. The technician will review with you the care instructions and warranty on your repair, then faster than you expect you can drive away with a clear view.

Our technicians follow this step by step process every time to make sure every single customer receives the same level of quality care. This process greatly reduces the need for full window replacement after repair. If you do end up needing a full replacement, we will credit the cost of the repair against the cost of the replacement. All of our technicians are NGA and AGSC certified and follow many quality control measures so we stand by their work 100%. We can guarantee quality because we only send out the best.

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