If your vehicle has a damaged side window and you’re looking to get it fixed, chances are you’re wondering how much you’ll pay to get the job done. Unfortunately, that’s a tough question to answer accurately since several things influence the cost of auto glass repair or replacement.


Generally, damaged side windows require replacement rather than repair since they’re almost always fashioned from a single piece of glass (unlike laminated windshields) that can’t be repaired. So if you’re looking at a chip or crack, chances are you’ll need a brand-new window installed, which may be more expensive than you might assume.


How do you know what to expect? While we can’t give you an accurate estimate without seeing the damage and knowing what kind of vehicle you drive, here are three factors that will affect the cost of side window replacement.

1. Your Auto Insurance Coverage

If you have comprehensive auto insurance, there’s a good chance it’ll pay for side window replacement.


Of course, you’ll need to cover your deductible before your insurance coverage will kick in and pay for the remainder of the cost, but you may not pay much, depending on the deductible you’ve selected.


Ultimately, your insurance could significantly reduce your out-of-pocket side window replacement expenses. 

2. Time Required to Perform the Job

While experienced auto glass repair technicians can complete most side window replacement jobs in an hour or two (perhaps even less), some jobs may require more time.


And since most shops will charge you for labor costs by the hour, the amount of time the job takes will impact what you ultimately pay for a new window.


What might cause a side window replacement job to take longer than normal? If your vehicle has advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) that affect your side windows, the sensors and/or cameras that help control those systems will need to be recalibrated to function properly. That process will require more labor time, which you’ll end up paying for.


If your vehicle doors have a particularly complicated mechanical or electrical system, the technicians may also need more time to remove the damaged glass and install a new window.

3. The Type of Vehicle You Drive

Certain vehicles have higher side window repair costs simply because they require special types of glass.


If you own a late-model car, truck, or SUV that needs a specialty type of replacement glass, be prepared to pay more for the job than you would if you owned an older vehicle that can use more widely available parts.

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