Iff you notice you have a chip in your windshield, you probably already know what to do: take your vehicle to an auto glass repair shop for a quick windshield repair. But what happens when you discover a chip in your driver’s side window? Is it possible to fix the damage, or will you need a complete window replacement?


The auto glass repair experts at Only 1 Auto Glass explain how you should handle chips in your vehicle’s side windows below.


Driving With a Chipped Window: A Word of Caution

Before we get into how you should handle a chipped driver’s or passenger’s side window, let’s take a minute to discuss the dangers of driving with damaged auto glass. Driving with a chipped window is dangerous for several reasons, including (but certainly not limited to):


●        The damage can easily expand if you hit a bump in the road

●        The glass can shatter because it’s constructed of a single pane

●        Depending on the extent of the damage, chips or cracks in your vehicle windows can impede your vision


While we’d never recommend driving around with damaged auto glass, sometimes, you just can’t fit auto glass repairs into a super packed schedule. If you must drive around for a short period with a damaged driver’s side window, take caution. Be extra careful when scanning roadways before making turns, and if you can, avoid allowing passengers in your vehicle.


Now that we’ve got our obligatory safety warning out of the way, let’s discuss side window repair for damaged auto glass.


When Is Auto Glass Repair Possible for a Chipped Driver’s Side Window?

In certain cases — when the chip in the window is minor — auto glass repair technicians may be able to fill in the chip with epoxy and smooth it over. However, when you take your vehicle to a glass repair shop, the technicians assess each situation on a case-by-case basis. Without knowing the extent of the damage or where it’s located, it’s difficult to say whether side window repairs are possible.


When Do You Need Side Window Replacement for Damaged Auto Glass?

If you have a large chip in your driver’s side window or a significant crack, you’ll likely need to have the glass replaced. Another consideration is whether you have tinted windows. Though a minor side window repair may not be glaringly obvious, window tint can complicate the process. And when you get your vehicle back, re-tinting the damaged window is likely to make the damage more noticeable.


If you’re unconcerned with aesthetics and you’re set on pursuing repairs for a damaged, tinted side window, call around to different auto glass repair shops to find out whether they perform side window repairs. At Only 1 Auto Glass, we may be able to repair your chipped side window, but before we give you a yes or no, we’ll need to examine the damage first. 


Looking for Side Window Repairs in the Twin Cities? Call Only 1 Auto Glass

If you have a chip in your driver or passenger side window, bring your vehicle to our team at Only 1 Auto Glass. We’ll assess the damage, let you know if repairs are possible, and advise you on the best course of action for your safety on the road. We have multiple locations in Maplewood, Golden Valley, and Burnsville, MN, so we’re just a short drive away from wherever you are.


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