Got scratches in your windshield? Wondering how on earth they got there and what you can do about them? If so, our auto glass repair experts are here to help!


Below, we’ve outlined three of the most common causes of auto glass scratches, along with what you can do to correct the damage and prevent it from happening again in the future.

1. Old or Faulty Windshield Wipers

Have you ever heard a screeching noise while your windshield wipers moved back and forth across the glass? If so, that ear-piercing sound indicates that your wipers are either too old and worn to function as they should, or, if they’re fairly new, it means they’re faulty.


When the rubber component of windshield wipers gradually deteriorates and pulls away from the metal body, it allows the metal to come into contact with the glass. Rubber detachment may also occur if newer wipers weren’t manufactured properly or if they get stuck to an icy windshield and are forcefully pulled away.


As the metal repeatedly makes contact with the glass, it can etch tiny scratches in the windshield, which will look just like the track the wipers follow. If the damage isn’t deep, you may be able to get it repaired, but you’ll need to have it assessed by an auto glass repair specialist to find out.


To prevent this issue from occurring in the future, always make sure to swap your wiper blades out for a new set if you ever hear them screeching as they move.

2. Road Debris

No matter how careful of a driver you happen to be, avoiding airborne road debris isn’t always possible. At some point, sand, pebbles, or other objects will eventually collide with your windshield.


That’s especially true if you do a significant amount of driving or regularly drive through construction zones or on rural, unpaved roads.


When these objects (sand in particular) repeatedly collide with your windshield over time, they can etch tiny scratches or pits in the glass. Usually, these forms of damage aren’t eligible for repair since most drivers don’t notice they’re present until the damage has become widespread.


However, if you notice them quickly enough, you may be able to have the scratches and/or pits filled in with epoxy resin or another type of filler.


How do you prevent scratches from road debris? Unfortunately, this particular issue is almost impossible to avoid. However, if you do your best to maintain a safe following distance from other vehicles and drive slowly on obviously dirty roads, you can reduce your likelihood of developing debris-induced scratches. 

3. Improper Cleaning

Using abrasive cleaning products or washing your windshield with fuel station squeegees could leave you with a scratched windshield. Even automatic car washes can harbor sand and other abrasive particles that could scratch up your auto glass.


If you think your glass-cleaning method may be the culprit behind your windshield scratches, be sure to double-check your cleaning clothes for abrasive particles before you use them.


If you can, avoid using gas station squeegees, too, and make sure you only use automatic car washes that are well-maintained and in proper working order.


While you’re here, check out these other ways you can inadvertently damage your windshield, so you know what to avoid going forward.

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