How often do you deal with cracks or chips in your windshield? If it’s more frequent than you’re willing to admit, it may be time to think about investing in stronger windshield glass. Although standard windshield glass is laminated, even double-layer glass can’t stand up to some of the harshest impacts you may encounter on the road. That’s where Gorilla Glass comes in.


What exactly is a Gorilla Glass windshield though? And perhaps more importantly, is it available for any vehicle? Let’s take a look!


Gorilla Glass Windshield: What Is It?

Gorilla Glass is a thin-film glass made by Corning. Unlike standard windshield glass, which features a layer of thermoplastic polyvinyl butyral (PVB) sandwiched between two layers of soda-lime glass, Gorilla Glass features a different type of glass on the windshield’s interior.


With a Gorilla Glass windshield, you’ll have a soda-lime outer layer of glass, a layer of PVB in the middle, and a thin, inner layer of super-tough Gorilla Glass.


Benefits of a Gorilla Glass Windshield

The Gorilla Glass inner layer is roughly twice as strong as conventional, soda-lime windshield glass. This layer is also lighter than soda-lime glass and clearer, too, which has several advantages over a traditional windshield, including:


●        Two times more resistance to both sharp and blunt impacts (tested with stones)

●        Reduced risk of glass fragments entering the vehicle cabin in the event the windshield experiences major damage

●        Reduced risk of cracking under impact, resulting in a lower instance of windshield replacement

●        Improved fuel economy resulting from lighter-weight glass

●        Lower center of gravity and better handling resulting from lighter-weight glass

●        Faster defogging and defrosting, which naturally occurs with thinner glass

●        Better visibility for drivers and passengers alike


Can Any Vehicle Have Gorilla Glass?

Unfortunately, Gorilla Glass is only available for select vehicle models. Which ones? Late-model Ford-150 trucks, Jeep Wranglers, Ford GTs, Porsche models, and McLaren models offer Gorilla Glass as original equipment.


Should you opt for a vehicle with a Gorilla Glass windshield, keep in mind the glass can still break (no auto glass is totally impervious to damage). If you ever need a windshield replacement, you’ll need to get an OEM windshield re-installed to maintain the same level of protection offered by the original glass.


Keep in mind, too, that taking great care of your auto glass after getting it replaced is one of the best ways to ensure your new vehicle window performs as it should. Check out Just Got a New Windshield? Aftercare Tips to Make Your Investment Last for some helpful advice.


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