Has your vehicle ever had a windshield replacement? Do you know if the new glass was installed properly? If not, your safety — and perhaps even your life — could be in jeopardy if you’re ever involved in a collision.


An improperly installed windshield is at risk for detachment in the event of an accident. And once that windshield is gone, you and your passengers are at risk for ejection from the vehicle. Given the critical role your windshield plays in protecting you from harm, it’s imperative you understand whether it’s properly attached to your automobile. Learn how to identify a potential hazard below.


Odd Noises at High Driving Speeds

Do you ever hear vibrating or whooshing sounds near your windshield when you drive at high speeds? Those noises may indicate the presence of an air leak resulting from a poor windshield seal.


Have your windshield inspected by a certified auto glass repair specialist to determine if improperly installed glass is indeed the culprit behind the noise you hear. If it is, it’s in your best interest to have the seal repaired as soon as you can.


Water Leakage

If any amount of water ever leaks into your vehicle around the edges of the windshield, the glass was improperly installed. This is not an issue you can afford to ignore! If you’re in this situation right now, schedule windshield repairs with your nearest auto glass repair shop at your earliest convenience. If you can’t make it to the shop, schedule a mobile repair.


Lack of an Installation Guarantee

When you got your windshield replacement, did the installers give you a workmanship warranty? If not, that’s a red flag. Reputable auto glass replacement and repair shops guarantee their work. If you went to a shop that didn’t provide a guarantee, the lack of one may indicate sub-par installation service. 


Driving Too Soon After Installation

Do you remember whether you drove your vehicle immediately after your windshield replacement? If you did, the adhesive may not have cured properly, and your safety could be at risk.


When you get a windshield replacement, proper aftercare is crucial because the bonding agent that secures the glass to the frame of your vehicle needs adequate time to cure. Depending on the type of adhesive the shop used, that timeframe can range from a couple of hours to a full day. Driving produces vibrations that can interfere with the adhesive’s bonding and curing process, which can result in an improperly attached new windshield.


You Have a Wavy-Looking Windshield

When you look at your windshield in full sunlight, it should appear smooth and unblemished. If the glass is visibly flawed or has a wavy appearance, that’s a sign the glass is of poor quality, which may also speak to the quality of the installation.


If you notice your windshield looks wavy, head to an auto glass repair shop as soon as you can. Have a qualified and experienced windshield replacement specialist examine your auto glass and let you know whether it’s properly installed. If it isn’t, schedule a service appointment right away.


The Installers Didn’t Wear Gloves

For a windshield replacement to adhere to the frame of your vehicle securely, its urethane coating must be completely clean. If the technicians who replaced your windshield did not wear gloves during the installation, oils from their hands may have transferred onto the glass.


Those oils can weaken the adhesive’s bond between the glass and your vehicle, which may result in air and water leaks. In a worst-case scenario, a weak bond can allow your windshield to pop off the frame of your vehicle, exposing you and your passengers to serious danger.


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