Hearing some road noise while you drive is normal — after all, no vehicle cabin is completely soundproof. But when that noise becomes unusually noticeable, even with peripheral background noise like music or chatter, you may have an auto glass problem on your hands.


Damaged or improperly installed auto glass can allow an excessive amount of road noise into your vehicle. If you’ve recently noticed an unusual amount of cabin noise while you drive, read on to learn about common auto glass issues that may be at fault.


Misaligned Side Window(s)

Can you hear a hissing sound while you drive? The culprit may be an improperly aligned side window (or more than one). Sometimes, side windows get a little off track with prolonged operation, so if you frequently roll your windows down or you own an older vehicle, the windows may have moved slightly out of their normal alignment.


Occasionally, debris can also find its way inside the window track, which can also throw off the alignment of the glass. If you can hear a hissing or whooshing noise even when it appears that your side windows and doors are fully closed, there’s a good chance you have an alignment issue.


To find out whether that’s the culprit behind the road noise you hear, take your vehicle to an auto glass repair shop for a quick diagnosis. If an improperly aligned window is indeed the culprit, an auto glass repair specialist can fix the problem in no time at all.


Poorly Attached Windshield

Do you notice a rattling sound when you drive over bumps or potholes? Did you recently have a windshield replacement? If so, there’s a good chance the glass didn’t seal properly to the frame of your vehicle and that’s what’s causing the noise you hear.


When you get a windshield replacement, the auto glass repair technicians use adhesives to secure the glass to the vehicle frame. But if they don’t do the job properly or you fail to adhere to their windshield replacement aftercare guidelines, the adhesive won’t cure properly. Poorly cured adhesive can allow a small amount of air to pass between the glass and the vehicle frame or it can even allow the glass to wobble when you drive over a bump.


To find out whether an improperly installed windshield is causing the road noise you hear, head to an auto glass repair shop pronto. This is not an issue you can afford to ignore. If your auto glass is indeed loose, you need to schedule prompt windshield repairs to protect your safety on the road.


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