Does your windshield have a minor chip or crack that you haven’t had time to get repaired? At Only 1 Auto Glass, we get it — finding the time to schedule windshield repairs can be tough. However, you should know that extreme summer heat can cause that chip or crack in your auto glass to grow. And if you’re not careful, minor windshield damage can quickly morph into severe damage that necessitates a complete windshield replacement.


Luckily, protecting your windshield from extreme heat isn’t difficult; it just takes a little bit of diligence on your part. What do you need to do? Read on to find out.


Park in the Shade When Possible

High temperatures can stress even a fully intact windshield, which means they can seriously overstress a windshield that has a couple of chips or a minor crack or two. To prevent as much heat-related stress as possible, it’s best to park in the shade whenever you possibly can.


Ideally, you should park in a garage, if possible, but if you must park in the shade of a tree, that’ll suffice temporarily. Just know that debris can easily fall from a tree and impact your already damaged auto glass, which will inevitably necessitate a complete windshield replacement.


Don’t Crank the A/C Up Immediately

When you climb inside your vehicle, resist the urge to blast the A/C on high immediately. The windshield will already be warm from ambient heat, and you must allow it to cool down gradually if you want to avoid growing the chip or crack it already has.


Much like an ice cube will crack if you drop it into a cup of warm water, your windshield can crack suddenly when it’s exposed to dramatic and sudden temperature changes. While you wait for a convenient time to schedule those auto glass repairs you need, make sure you dial up your a/c gradually whenever you need to use it.


Avoid Automatic Car Washes

Drive-through, automatic car washes are super convenient when it’s scorching outside, but if you have a crack or chip in your windshield, avoid these types of car washes at all costs. While they won’t expose your auto glass to heat extremes, they will expose it to excessive pressure that can easily cause existing windshield damage to grow worse in a hurry.


After you handle your windshield repairs, feel free to use automatic car washes whenever you want to. But until you get those chips and cracks repaired, be sure to hand wash your ride whenever it needs a bath.


Need Windshield Replacement or Repair in the Twin Cities? Trust Only 1 Auto Glass

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