Under ideal circumstances, your windshield can last as long as your vehicle. But as the most fragile component of the entire automobile, auto glass is highly vulnerable to damage. At Only 1 Auto Glass, we understand having a windshield replacement isn’t at the top of anyone’s list. But in certain cases, replacement glass is necessary to protect the integrity of the windshield and the safety of you and your passengers.


When you bring your vehicle to our auto glass repair shop to address any form of windshield damage, our technicians will first examine the auto glass to determine the best way to repair it. In this blog, we outline which types of glass damage typically require a windshield replacement.


Large Chips and Cracks

If your windshield contains large chips or cracks, repairs usually aren’t possible. This is because significant glass damage weakens the integrity of the windshield and simple repairs cannot provide adequate strength.


So what classifies as a large chip or crack? Here’s how we determine if a full windshield replacement is necessary:


●        Your windshield has cracks that are longer than three inches. In certain cases, longer cracks may be repairable, but we assess each windshield on a case-by-case basis.

●        The glass damage obstructs the driver’s field of vision on the road.

●        Your windshield contains damage near the edges of the glass.

●        Your windshield contains multiple smaller chips or cracks that are prone to spreading.


Pitting in the Glass

A pitted windshield contains multiple small pockmarks, also referred to as pits. This type of glass damage typically occurs over an extended time period and is the result of driving through areas with substantial amounts of particulate matter and small road debris.


When sand and tiny pebbles repeatedly make contact with your windshield, they wear it down over time, and if the pitting is widespread, it’s usually not repairable. A pitted windshield is a weak windshield, which means it’s much more susceptible to developing larger chips and cracks under impact. This is why we almost always recommend a complete windshield replacement anytime we’re presented with pitted glass. 


Loose Glass That Rattles With Driving Vibrations

Whether you just had your windshield replaced or it’s been on your vehicle for years, rattling sounds and glass vibrations are never normal. If you’ve noticed an odd vibrating or humming sound that appears to be coming from the front of your vehicle, there’s a high probability your windshield’s seal has somehow weakened. And an improperly sealed windshield puts your safety at risk.


Since there’s no way to remedy a damaged windshield seal without removing the glass, we typically recommend a full windshield replacement in these cases. That said, it’s not always necessary to replace the glass if the windshield is fully intact.


When you bring your vehicle in for an assessment, we’ll determine if we can re-bond the windshield to the frame of your vehicle. If doing so would put your safety at risk, we’ll always recommend a complete auto glass replacement.


Got a Damaged Windshield in the Twin Cities? Bring Your Vehicle to Only 1 Auto Glass

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