We all know road noise is irritating. But did you know, there are several causes of road noise? For instance, a car’s design, the type of tires on the vehicle, or exterior conditions like road material and traffic congestion can also cause road noise.


A loose windshield or side door window can also allow air inside the car at high speeds. The air will often seep through and cause a lot of noise as the car's velocity forces the air into the vehicle cabin. If you feel your windows are the cause of the road noise, bring your vehicle to Only 1 Auto Glass for an inspection and auto glass repair. We may discover one of the three problems below.


●        Side Window Won’t Close All the Way
Occasionally, a window can come off track or bust due to the pressure of the track. If this happens, it may not close all the way. If you’re driving down the road and you hear hissing noise around the window, it could indicate that the window is stopping just short of closing all the way. You can also test it by closing the window until it stops and then seeing if you can put something thin between the window or the frame. If you can, then we’ll need to get the window back on track so it will close properly and seal the door.


●        Improper Windshield Installation
We regularly hear from clients who complain that their windshields were not correctly set in place from a recent installation. In most cases, the work was performed by an amateur or someone doing a DIY windshield replacement. Regardless of the reason the glass is loose in the frame, we’ll need to correctly install the glass in the frame to secure it and keep you safe while driving. A loose windshield can go airborne at high speeds. When it does, it poses a threat to everyone around.


●        Damage Around the Edge of the Glass
If the noise is coming from a cracked area in the windshield, the air could be penetrating through the crack at the point of the seal. If this is the case, it may have compromised the seal. The result could be a windshield that is loose or a side door window that is off track.


Keep in mind, a crack or chip along the edge of a windshield can also cut into and tear a seal. If you notice a torn seal or chipped glass along the edges, bring your car to our auto glass repair center, and we can fix the problem.


Only 1 Auto Glass Offers Complete Windshield Repair
No matter what is causing the road noise, an Only 1 Auto Glass technician can identify the problem and repair or replace the window on your car. We specialize in auto glass repair, auto glass replacement, and rock chip repair.


If you live in Minneapolis or St. Paul, Minnesota, contact us today at 651-789-1111, or you can message us on our contact page to schedule service. We are your auto glass MN specialists!