Summer is nearly upon us in the Twin Cities, which means your vehicle must face a new set of hazards that can wreak havoc on your auto glass. But when you know what to watch for and how to protect your vehicle windows from damage, you can significantly lower your chances of needing auto glass repairs. Read on to learn what you need to know to keep your auto glass in excellent condition all summer long.


Watch Your Speed on Loose Gravel Roads

There may not be many gravel roads in the metro area, but if you’re heading to a rural area for the weekend, drive slowly on dirt roadways. As a general rule, it’s best to keep your speed at 35 mph or under to avoid kicking up rocks and other debris that can crack your auto glass.


Park in Covered Areas to Prevent Storm-Related Damage

The Twin Cities has its share of severe weather, and unless you park in a covered space, your auto glass is vulnerable to damage whenever a storm rolls through town. Just a few of the things that can force you to pursue auto glass repair or replacement after a storm include:


●        Heavy hail

●        High winds capable of lifting and propelling debris

●        Falling tree branches

●        Downed power poles and power lines

●        Downed sign poles


Park Away From Ball Fields and Playgrounds

Kids are out of school and playing outdoors throughout the summer months, which puts your auto glass at risk for accidental damage. Flying baseballs, errant basketballs, and other flying kids’ toys can absolutely crack your windows, and in a worst-case scenario, they could even shatter one of them.


Unless you have comprehensive coverage, you’ll likely end up footing the bill for auto glass repairs or replacement. Your best bet for avoiding this type of damage is to park far away from recreational areas if you can.


Maintain a Safe Following Distance to Avoid Flying Debris

Summer is road construction season in the Twin Cities, and with road construction comes huge trucks carrying gravel and other materials that can damage your auto glass. Inevitably, some of these materials will fall off those trucks and end up on the road. When you follow other drivers too closely, their tires can hit that debris and propel it straight at your windshield.


But your auto glass doesn’t have to fall victim to a piece of flying road debris. When you maintain a safe following distance by adhering to the three-second rule, you can protect your windshield from rock chips and cracks for the most part.


If you do end up getting a small rock chip or a minor crack, tending to windshield repairs as promptly as possible will ensure the damage doesn’t spread.


Contact Only 1 Auto Glass for Prompt Windshield Repair in Saint Paul

If your windshield suffers a crack or chip this summer, tending to repairs promptly is the best way to prevent the damage from spreading. For prompt, high-quality windshield repairs or any other types of auto glass repair or replacement, get in touch with our team at Only 1 Auto Glass! We specialize in performing glass repairs and replacements on all makes and models of vehicles and serve drivers throughout the entire Twin Cities metro.


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