If you own a vehicle that has a heated windshield, the glass contains embedded technology that can interfere with rock chip repairs and crack repairs. Depending on the extent and location of the damage, you may be able to opt for auto glass repairs, but in some cases, a full windshield replacement will be necessary.


Read on to learn what you need to know about repairs for heated windshields, so you know what to expect if your windshield ever develops a crack or chip.


How to Tell If You Have a Heated Windshield

Most drivers who have heated windshields already know they have them, but if you’re unsure whether your windshield emits heat, take a look at the glass near the base of your wipers. If you can see tiny, thin, curvy wires embedded in there or little gridlines, you have a heated windshield.


If your vision isn’t so great, another way to determine if you have a heated windshield is to look for the button on your dashboard. You should see a little icon somewhere that looks a lot like the icon for your rear defrost. If you want a foolproof way to check, thumb through the index of your owner’s manual and look for a section titled, “windshield.” 


When Are Windshield Repairs Possible for Heated Auto Glass?

There are a few different types of heated windshields out there, and two of them are typically eligible for auto glass repairs under the right circumstances.


The first type only emits heat near the bottom of the windshield, via tiny gridlines on the inside of the glass. If the crack or chip is normally eligible for repair — meaning it’s not too large or in a bad location — and it isn’t near the gridlines, then windshield repairs are almost always possible. If the damage is in the gridlines, a full windshield replacement may be necessary.


The second type of heated windshield contains wires embedded in the PVB between the two layers of glass. Usually, if the PVB is still intact and the crack or chip isn’t in a bad location, this type of windshield is eligible for auto glass repair. That said, circumstances vary, so you’ll need to have an auto glass repair specialist take a look at the damage to determine the safest and most effective course of action.


The third type of heated windshield features a special coating on the inner portion of the outer layer of windshield glass. Most manufacturers of this particular type of windshield advise against repairs since damage to the glass may interfere with the vehicle’s electrical system. But again, your situation may be different.


Only a qualified windshield repair professional can determine whether auto glass repair or replacement is the best solution for your unique circumstances.


The Case for a Complete Windshield Replacement

When you own a vehicle with a heated windshield, it’s important to keep in mind that maintaining optimal functionality of the heating system is essential. While you’ll always have your defrost and windshield wipers, keeping the windshield heating system fully functional and intact is paramount for maintaining the value of your vehicle.


Even if auto glass repairs are possible, opting for a complete windshield replacement — though it’s more costly — may be the best choice for long-term heater performance and vehicle value. 


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