If you’ve noticed rust developing around your vehicle’s windshield, you should never ignore it! If you own a used vehicle, it probably underwent a previous windshield replacement and the glass was poorly installed.


There may have been a tiny pinhole hiding in the seam under the molding, or the technicians may have failed to apply the urethane sealant with precision. Regardless, windshield rust is almost always a sign of poor workmanship, which can put both your vehicle and you at risk.


Below, the windshield replacement and repair experts at Only 1 Auto Glass explain what you need to do when you discover rust around your windshield.


Test for Leaks

Soap up your windshield and spray it with water. Get inside the vehicle and examine around the edges of the glass — do you see any bubbles or water droplets? If so, you’ve got a faulty seal and obviously, a leak.


Listen for Unusual Road Noise

Next time you use your vehicle, keep the music off and don’t run the A/C or heat. If you notice audible wind noise while driving, even when your windows are closed, there’s a high likelihood the windshield seal is faulty. In most cases, you’ll need a windshield replacement.


Look for Signs of Water Intrusion

If your windshield is leaking, the water will leave behind clues. Take a look at your dashboard to see if there are any mineral deposits or signs of white residue, both of which indicate evaporated water.


You should also examine the interior of your vehicle for signs of rust development and perform a sniff test on all upholstered surfaces and along the bottom of your door panels. If water made its way into the vehicle, you’ll likely notice a musty, mildewy scent over time.


When water damage gets bad enough to generate a pronounced odor, you’ve got a real problem on your hands. A windshield replacement can fix the offending leak(s), but you’ll also need to address any interior damage to protect yourself from health hazards associated with mold and mildew.


Examine the Windshield Seal

If you can’t hear an air leak or see water droplets when you test for leaks, take a few minutes to examine the windshield seal for signs of deterioration. Look for red spots near the edge of the windshield that indicate rust formation within the groove of the frame. Keep an eye out for signs of dry rot near the trim as well, as it can develop with prolonged moisture exposure.


Schedule a Windshield Replacement

Last, but definitely not least, bring your vehicle to a reputable auto glass repair shop for a windshield replacement as soon as you possibly can. Rust around your windshield is dangerous as it may create a potentially deadly safety issue.


Corrosion can only develop when moisture makes contact with the metal vehicle frame for a prolonged period of time. If there’s considerable rust, it usually indicates some type of sealant leak. If the sealant isn’t holding the glass to the frame as it should, the windshield can detach partially without warning.


Worse, if you’re involved in a forceful collision, the glass may detach completely, leaving your airbags to deploy outward rather than inward to protect you and your front passenger.


Need a Windshield Replacement in the Twin Cities? Trust Only 1 Auto Glass

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