Have you recently had a windshield replacement on your vehicle? Are you worried it wasn’t properly installed? If so, this situation is never something to take lightly — faulty windshield installation can put your safety (and even your life) at risk.


At Only 1 Auto Glass, we understand the critical importance of a properly installed, sealed, and fully intact windshield. Below, we explain how errors in windshield installation present a hazard to you and other drivers, as well as the integrity of your vehicle.


Signs of an Improperly Installed Windshield Replacement

Before we get into the potential hazards of an improperly installed windshield, let’s go over the things you might notice if your auto glass wasn’t installed correctly. Signs to keep an eye (and an ear) out for include:


●        Excessive road noise or whooshing sounds in the cabin during vehicle operation

●        A windshield that appears to be wavy

●        Remnants of old adhesive on the new glass or on the vehicle frame

●        Moisture intrusion around the edges of the glass

●        Rattling noises

●        A windshield that does not appear to be flush with the vehicle’s frame


If you observe any of the above red flags, take your vehicle to a reputable windshield repair shop right away or have a mobile repair team come to you. You cannot continue to safely operate your vehicle with an improperly installed windshield. A professional can determine the cause of the problem and offer advice on your best course of action.


Potential Hazards of Driving With a Poorly Installed Windshield Replacement

If you think your windshield was not installed according to industry standards, don’t risk your safety by continuing to operate your vehicle. If you do, here’s what can happen:


●        Ejection. An incorrectly installed windshield usually isn’t bonded properly to your vehicle’s frame. In the event of a collision, your windshield can pop out of the frame, which may result in significant bodily harm to you and your passengers.


●        Incorrect airbag deployment. Your vehicle’s windshield serves as a stop mechanism during airbag deployment. If you’re involved in a collision and your windshield isn’t correctly installed, the force of your airbag deployment may cause your windshield to detach from the vehicle’s frame. Your airbags will then deploy out through the hole rather than inward to protect you.


●        Electrical problems. When a windshield is not properly sealed to the frame of the vehicle, it can allow water and other foreign objects to gain entry. When water is allowed to leak inside your vehicle, it can seep beneath the dash or even into the consoles where the electrical equipment is housed. As a result, your vehicle’s electrical system could short out, which can result in a highly dangerous situation, especially if the problem occurs during vehicle operation.


Only 1 Auto Glass: Your Twin Cities Source for Quality Windshield Replacement

If you believe your existing windshield was incorrectly installed, bring your vehicle to our team at Only 1 Auto Glass. Our installers are NGA certified, which means we conform to the highest industry standards on every auto glass repair and replacement job we perform. To learn more about our services or request a free estimate, give us a call at 651-789-1111 or contact us online.