Is your side window barely operational? Perhaps it’s slowed to a crawl or even stopped working altogether? Like many vehicle problems, window malfunction can occur with no warning whatsoever. The good news is, this issue is typically quick and easy to fix.


Below, the experts at Only 1 Auto Glass share common reasons why side windows stop functioning and what you can do to get your windows back up and running.


Damaged Weather Stripping

Each of your side windows has weatherstripping to keep dirt, debris, air, and moisture from entering the window track and the interior of your vehicle. But harsh weather conditions and time can cause weatherstripping to gradually wear out or become damaged.


When this happens, moisture can enter your vehicle and accumulate around the window track and the edges of the glass. If you park outdoors and the temperatures drop, the moisture inside your vehicle can cause your side windows to freeze in place until they warm up.


If you know your window weatherstripping is old, examine it for signs of damage and seal deterioration. If you notice any red flags, take your vehicle to an auto glass repair shop that can correct the problem and inspect the window for any additional faulty components.


Glass Misalignment in the Window Track

Inside each of your vehicle’s doors lies a window track, which houses and guides the glass during its upward and downward motion. Occasionally, glass can move out of proper alignment within the track, which affects the operation of the window.


When a partial misalignment happens, you may notice your window fails to open or close fully. Or, if the glass is completely misaligned, the window may not function at all. A failing window motor may also be a culprit behind a slow or non-functional window, but to the untrained eye, it can be difficult to tell the difference between the two.


Whether you think your window might be misaligned or you’re worried your window motor might be going bad, it’s best to have a professional assess the situation. Take your vehicle to an auto glass repair shop that can inspect the window for alignment issues. If the window motor is the problem, they can refer you to another shop.  


Snow and Ice Accumulation

If you park outdoors during winter, be prepared to deal with frozen windows. Plenty of ice and snow can accumulate around your side windows during the night, and when you start your vehicle in the morning, the windows may be stuck shut.


If this happens to you, don’t try to force the windows open! You can damage the window motor regulator (the part that moves the glass up and down) and cause your windows to stop functioning completely. If you allow your vehicle enough time to warm up, the ice will eventually melt and your windows should operate normally.


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