Automotive side windows are fixed in the car’s door, and a motorized button is used to roll a side window up or down in modern cars. In older cars, a hand crank is used to raise and lower the window. Only 1 Auto Glass in Maplewood, Minnesota can replace or repair your side auto glass no matter kind of device your vehicle has. Below are some reasons your side auto window may not be closing all the way.

Motorized or Hand Cranked Auto Glass
One reason your auto window isn’t closing all the way could be because your motor quit working. Your motor is located inside the door panel so you can’t see it. If you have a motorized window or a crank window, a professional will need to repair either one. Since the motor and crank is inside the door panel, one of our Only 1 Auto Glass technicians will need to remove the panel to get to the problem.

Damaged Weather Stripping
Damaged weather stripping can keep your car door window from closing all the way. A damaged weather stripping can let air, dirt, and water inside your vehicle. Air coming through an auto glass window can be irritating. However, dirt and water coming through your side window can damage your vehicle’s carpet, leather, and/or upholstery. Repair a damaged weather stripping immediately.

Auto Glass Off Track
Your side auto glass runs along a track to guide the glass up and down. If the auto glass gets off track, your window will not close all the way. The door panel will have to be removed to determine if the car door window is off its track. If the glass off its track, our Only 1 Auto Glass technician will need to place it back on track.

Broke Pieces of Auto Glass
Your car door windows are made of tempered glass. Tempered glass is designed to shatter into tiny sand-like pebbles. This design will keep the occupants of the car from being injured by large shards of glass. If any of the tiny sand-like pebbles get into the track of your auto glass, your window will not close all the way. In the Twin Cities area, Only 1 Auto Glass can remedy this problem for you.

Twin Cities Auto Glass Repair
If your side window isn’t closing all the way, give one of our technicians at Only 1 Auto Glass a call to fix the problem. We offer auto glass repair and auto glass replacement in the Twin Cities area. To schedule your appointment, call us at 651-789-1111, or you can message us on our contact page.