For most drivers, winter is the worst time of year to need a windshield replacement. Many would even venture to assume getting a replacement windshield in the dead of winter is downright impossible. Are you one of them?


Here’s the good news: It’s absolutely possible to get a windshield replacement during all four seasons. However, winter’s frigid temperatures can sometimes cause problems for your new auto glass. Below, the experts at Only 1 Auto Glass explain how cold temperatures can impact your windshield replacement, so you know what to expect. 


Winter Windshield Replacement and the Mobile Installation Process

Though it’s certainly possible to get a windshield replacement during the snowy months, the installation process is a bit different than during other times of the year. When auto glass technicians install new windshields in winter, they typically use different adhesives that cure faster in cold temperatures.


Since most of these adhesives should be applied in a relatively warm environment, in-shop service is typically required. Cold weather doesn’t always preclude the possibility of getting a mobile windshield replacement, but that’s something to keep in mind at the very least.


Cold Temperatures and Cure Time

Cold weather typically extends the time required for the windshield resin to cure properly. In-shop service will reduce curing time due to the warmer installation temperature, but mobile windshield replacements can take much longer. Here’s why:


●        Cold temperatures can diminish the power supply to the UV lamp the technician uses to cure the resin because the lamp receives power from a mobile source.

●        If the lamp is too cold, it won’t produce enough UV radiation to cure the resin at its standard rate.

●        Regardless of the lamp’s power supply, adhesive resin will never cure as fast in the cold as it does in warm weather.


While the additional time required for a mobile windshield replacement usually isn’t substantial, be prepared for a longer wait. If you’re short on time, opt for in-shop service to avoid potential complications.


Winter Moisture and Windshield Installation

If you’re opting for an in-shop windshield replacement during winter, you shouldn’t need to worry about moisture issues. But if you’re planning to pursue a mobile replacement, it’s imperative that the windshield area be completely dry for the resin to cure properly.


Since winter is notorious for unpredictable precipitation and relatively high humidity, mobile windshield replacements can be a challenge. Moisture can easily become trapped between the new glass and the frame of your vehicle during installation. When that moisture freezes and expands, it can force your windshield to loosen gradually.


While moisture can certainly be a problem with mobile auto glass replacement, you can avoid this issue by working with highly trained auto glass repair specialists. Look for technicians who are certified by the Auto Glass Safety Council and who have extensive experience performing this type of work during winter.


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