These days, more people are looking for convenience when they select a company for the services they need. And if you have a crack in your windshield or need your windshield replaced, convenience may be at the front of your mind. As such, you may be thinking about using a mobile glass repair and installation company. However, before you do, you may be wondering if these companies offer the same services. Here is some information you need to know.

What Services They Offer

As a general rule of thumb, both mobile and non-mobile glass installation companies offer the same general range of services. You may find some mobile companies only offer glass repair, not glass installation, as a mobile company will have to cart around more tools if they want to install glass. But there are some mobile companies that do offer both services.

When You Should Select a Non-Mobile Glass Installer

Since mobile and non-mobile glass installers offer the same basic services, you may be wondering why someone would choose a non-mobile glass installer. The main reason someone would select a non-mobile installer is that when it is cold out, glass installation and repair can be tricky or impossible. As such, the installation needs to take place in a heated space, such as a garage. This makes it hard for mobile glass companies to work in the winter months in Minnesota. The other reason for this is that some people simply feel more comfortable working with a shop, rather than a mobile installation company. They think that they have more security if something goes wrong, as they know exactly where to find the installer. If the installer is mobile and something goes wrong, tracking them down may be hard.

What Factors to Look for When Hiring a Glass Installer

When you are looking to hire a glass installation company, either mobile or non-mobile, you want to look for a company that is insured, bonded and has a great reputation. Additionally, finding a company that offers both mobile and non-mobile repairs and installs can help ensure you have the best of both worlds. You can have mobile repairs done if the weather permits, but there is a back-up plan in place by having it installed at the company if weather does not permit.

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