A replacement windshield is a significant investment in the safety and performance of your vehicle. The first step in maintaining that investment is knowing how to care for the auto glass properly. To help you ensure your windshield replacement lasts as long as possible, the experts at Only 1 Auto Glass share post-installation care tips below.


Caring for Your Windshield Replacement Immediately After Installation

For the first 48 hours after installation, your new windshield is most vulnerable. But with proper care from the moment you leave the auto glass repair shop, you can help ensure the new glass bonds to the frame properly and settles into place.


At Only 1 Auto Glass, we recommend handling your replacement windshield using the following guidelines:


●        Wait one hour before driving. Immediately after your windshield is installed, the adhesive must have some time to dry. To allow a strong seal, avoid driving your vehicle for at least one hour after glass installation.

●        Maintain a clean dash. To prevent anything from interfering with the glass sealing process, keep your dash clutter free. This will keep objects from exerting pressure against the glass, which can weaken the bond between the frame of your vehicle and the windshield.

●        Avoid slamming vehicle doors. For at least 48 hours after your windshield replacement, avoid slamming the doors on your car or truck. Because the adhesive and molding are still in the process of sealing, shutting your doors forcefully can break the seal between the frame and the glass.

●        Keep the adhesive tape on for 24 hours. For at least 24 hours after a windshield installation, allow the adhesive tape to remain in place to keep prevent debris from interfering with the new seal. The cure tape also keeps the seal in place, so your new windshield settles into the proper location.

●        Wait to wash your vehicle. To allow the new seal and moldings to cure properly, avoid washing your vehicle with high-pressure hoses for at least 48 hours after your windshield replacement. If you must wash your vehicle during that time window, you can clean it by hand.  


Long-Term Care for Your Replacement Windshield

To maintain the integrity of your windshield long term, it’s important that you care for the glass properly. Like all the other components of your vehicle, auto glass requires periodic maintenance to perform properly and remain in safe working condition. Here’s what you’ll need to do to care for your windshield properly:


●        Wash your windshield inside and out using an auto-specific glass cleaner. Avoid cleaning products that contain ammonia!

●        When driving, do your best to leave at least three seconds of space between the front of your vehicle and the rear of the vehicle in front of you.

●        Replace your wiper blades as soon as you notice the rubber beginning to harden or deteriorate.

●        Tend to minor windshield repairs as quickly as possible. Prompt glass repair will prevent any damage from spreading and ruining the entire windshield.


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