Have you just had your windshield replaced? Not quite sure how to care for it and make it last? At Only 1 Auto Glass, we’ve got you—and your windshield—covered. Immediately after your windshield replacement, there are several things you must avoid if you hope to make your new auto glass last. And, in the following weeks, months, and years, you’ll need to pay special attention to your windshield if you hope to avoid another replacement. Curious what exactly you should do to take proper care of your auto glass after a replacement? Let’s get into it. 


Immediately After Your Windshield Replacement

You’re just leaving the shop and heading home—how do you care for your new windshield immediately after its installation? Since newly replaced glass is most vulnerable during the first 48 hours after installation, here’s how to protect your glass properly:


●        Let Your Vehicle Sit for a Few Hours

The urethane adhesive used to replace your windshield needs adequate time to cure properly after installation. To allow it to set, avoid driving your vehicle for at least one hour after you return home from the shop. Urethane won’t cure fully for several hours, so if you can, avoid driving your vehicle until the next day.


●        Avoid Slamming Doors

Slamming your vehicle’s doors creates a pressure change within your vehicle that can compromise the windshield adhesive as it cures. Close your doors gently for several hours after your windshield replacement to avoid creating unnecessary pressure changes.


●        Leave the Tape Alone

While the adhesive is curing fully, avoid removing the adhesive tape around the edges of your new windshield. The tape protects the newly sealed area and prevents dust and debris from compromising the seal. After 24-48 hours, you can safely remove the tape.


●        Wait 48 Hours Before Washing Your Vehicle

The intense water pressure from a high-pressure car wash can compromise your windshield's seal and potentially shift the new moldings. Wait at least 48 hours for the adhesive and moldings to dry completely before taking your vehicle to a conventional car wash. If you must, you can hand wash your car before the 48-hour time period has passed.


Ongoing Windshield Maintenance

To help your windshield stand the test of time, being diligent about ongoing auto glass maintenance is key. Here’s what you should do to protect and maintain your new windshield throughout the days, months, and years following your replacement:


●        Keep your windows clean. Use a dedicated auto glass cleaner to keep your windows free from smudges and debris that can obstruct your vision. Leaving dead bugs on your auto glass can cause deterioration over time due to the high acidity of most insect entrails.

●        Watch for materials that can scratch the glass. Deteriorating windshield wipers can scratch your glass if you don’t replace them promptly, so as soon as you notice your wipers are starting to fail, install new ones.

●        Follow the three-second rule. Following too closely behind other vehicles can spell disaster for your windshield. Other drivers’ tires can easily kick up road debris and propel it straight at your windshield, so leave plenty of space between you and the vehicle in front of you.

●        Repair minor damage immediately. If you happen to find a minor windshield crack or rock chip, have it repaired at your earliest convenience. Leaving the damage unrepaired can cause it to grow, so if you hope to avoid another windshield replacement, prompt repairs are critical.

●        Say no to direct sunlight. If possible, avoid parking in direct sunlight. The sun’s intense heat can weaken your auto glass over time and make it more susceptible to damage.


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