Planning to sell your vehicle? If it has a damaged windshield, it’s always a good idea to pursue auto glass repairs before you list it. Though it might seem like an unnecessary hassle and expense, handling the repairs before you sell can actually save you money. The experts at Only 1 Auto Glass explain why below.


An Intact Windshield Sells Your Vehicle Faster

If you need to sell your vehicle fast, you need to fix that damaged windshield. Serious buyers may not be interested in test driving a vehicle with windshield chips and cracks because they’ll be responsible for repairs after the purchase. Or, if you do find an interested party, chances are they’ll give you a lowball offer that takes the glass damage into consideration.


Bottom line? If you need to sell your vehicle quickly, it’s best to schedule a windshield repair appointment at your earliest convenience. Can’t make it the shop? Find a mobile auto glass repair team that can come to you.


Selling With A Damaged Windshield Can Cost You Money

Think you’ll save money by foregoing windshield repairs before you sell your vehicle? Think again. Windshield repairs are relatively inexpensive, depending on the severity of the damage. In many cases, you can have minor repairs completed for less than a hundred bucks.


But if you choose to sell with a damaged windshield, prospective buyers will expect a significant discount in price. Ultimately, you may end up knocking so much off the original asking price that it would have cost you less to repair the glass damage.


Your Insurance Company May Pay for Windshield Repair or Replacement

In many cases, your insurance company will cover at least a portion (if not all) of the final repair bill. Before you decide to sell your vehicle without pursuing auto glass repairs, get in touch with your insurance company.


Ask what your policy covers, whether you can still submit a claim for the damage, and how much of the final bill you’ll likely be responsible for covering. In the end, you might get by without paying any money out of pocket — it never hurts to ask!


Need Windshield Repair? Contact Only 1 Auto Glass

If you’re dealing with a damaged windshield, bring your vehicle to our team at Only 1 Auto Glass. Our NGA-certified installers are windshield repair and replacement experts, and we can also work directly with your insurance company to help you get the coverage you need. To request a free repair estimate or schedule an appointment, call us today at 651-789-1111 or send us a message, and we’ll be in touch.