Many auto insurance companies are beginning to offer auto glass repair services free of charge to their customers. If you have a crack or chip in your windshield, you may be thinking about going through your auto insurance so you don’t have to pay for the auto glass repair out-of-pocket. But, before you do so, it’s important you understand how an auto glass claim can affect your auto glass insurance.

Can an Auto Glass Claim Affect Your Auto Insurance?

When you file any kind of auto insurance claim, including for auto glass repairs or replacement, it can affect your auto insurance policy and your auto insurance rates. The affect an auto glass claim will have varies based on the auto insurance company you use. Some insurance companies classify auto glass repair claims the same as auto accident claims, while other companies differentiate the two types of claims.

How to Find Out if an Auto Glass Claim Will Affect Your Insurance

If you are thinking about filing an auto glass claim with your auto insurance company, talk to your insurance agent. Ask him/her how the company classifies auto glass claims and how an auto glass claim may affect your auto insurance policy and rates. He/she can explain how your insurance company handles auto glass claims and what impact it will have on your auto insurance policy both now and in the future.

Should You File a Claim With Your Auto Insurance?

Ultimately, the decision to file an auto glass claim with your insurance company should be based on the cost of the repair and the impact the claim will have on your auto insurance. If your auto insurance company does not differentiate between claim types, an auto glass repair can have the same impact on your insurance policy as an auto accident, which means your rates may increase. Many auto glass repairs are less than $100, so always find out how much the repair is and compare it to the potential increase in your auto insurance rates.

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