Finding a broken window in your vehicle isn't just disheartening; it's downright inconvenient, frustrating, and for some people, anxiety-inducing. At Only 1 Auto Glass, we know that dealing with a broken vehicle window can be confusing and overwhelming—but don't panic! Our team has laid out what you should do to safely and calmly handle the situation. Keep this brief guide in mind should you or a loved one ever find shattered auto glass in your vehicle.


Call the Police and Contact Your Insurance Company

If you can clearly see that someone has broken into your vehicle, don’t touch anything until you’ve called law enforcement, and they’ve documented the scene. Whether the police will travel to the scene or ask you to relay information over the phone depends on each agency’s policies, so the first call you make should be to the police station.


If you must describe the situation via telephone, make sure to take several photos of the scene with your cell phone, which your insurance company will use as proof of the incident. After you’re finished conversing with law enforcement, it’s time to contact your insurance provider to file a claim.


Safely Remove Broken Glass

If your vehicle is parked in a parking lot, be sure to notify someone inside the nearest building who can clean up any broken glass on the pavement. You’ll also need to carefully remove any broken glass from your vehicle’s interior surfaces so that you can safely drive home or to your local auto glass repair shop. If you have the option, your best and safest bet is to contact a mobile auto glass repair company who can meet you at the scene and take care of the broken window.


Once you return home, use a high-powered vacuum to remove any remaining glass shards from the interior of your vehicle. When you take your vehicle for auto glass replacement or repair, the technicians will likely vacuum it again, so don’t worry about missing a few pieces here and there—as long as they don't’ threaten your safety, of course!


Protect Your Window Opening

If you cannot have your auto glass repaired or replaced immediately, you’ll need to cover the window opening to protect yourself while driving. Here’s how to do it properly:


●        Wear thick work gloves to protect your hands from stray glass shards.

●        Gently break away any glass shards that are still attached to the window frame. NEVER do this without protective gloves!

●        Use a vacuum to remove any stray pieces of glass from the window frame and from within the window seal.

●        Clean around the window using a damp cloth. Be sure to remove all dirt and dust so you can securely attach your plastic window covering using tape.

●        Cover the window from the inside, using a transparent or translucent piece of plastic. Make sure to stretch the plastic taught before securing the plastic to the window using several long pieces of masking tape. Avoid using other types of tape as the adhesive can damage your vehicle’s paint.

●        Add a second layer of plastic to the window’s exterior, if necessary.


Keep in mind: Using plastic to cover your window is meant as a short-term solution only. You should never drive with plastic on your window for longer than a day or two as it’s a safety hazard and can prevent you from observing and reacting to the traffic around you.


Only 1 Auto Glass: Your Auto Glass Repair Specialists

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