Small particles of dirt and rock can pit or crack a windshield, reducing visibility and reducing the effectiveness of windshield wipers. Although the glass may appear transparent enough to drive safely, badly pitted windshields are a safety hazard. If sunlight hits the windshield at a skewed angle, it can cause the windshield to wash out and reduce visibility to zero.


Drivers in high-traffic areas like Minneapolis should consider a pitted windshield to be a hindrance. Therefore, if you drive in and around the Twin Cities metro area, you should consider bringing your car to Only 1 Auto Glass to repair or replace the windshield.

Why is Windshield Pitting Dangerous?

Although you may consider glass to be an impenetrable substance, the glass material is soft and vulnerable to tiny indentations and scraps.


Windshield companies manufacture windshields by combining two layers of glass with a vinyl laminate in the middle. The laminate holds the glass together so that you and other passengers are protected from glass fragments in a collision. When the glass does shatter, it forms dull-edged pieces.


Pitting can compromise both the integrity and the fragmentation of glass upon impact. You are not as safe while driving the vehicle if you get into an accident.

Repairing vs. Replacing the Windshield

There is some debate among auto glass technicians, industry leaders, and insurance companies about whether to restore or replace a pitted windshield.


Some repair shops may attempt to polish the glass with an industry-grade compound to remove the pits. Although this technique appears to work on the surface, it is discouraged by the auto glass industry on the whole. Technicians should only utilize this method if the glass only contains a few small pits.


The only way to properly handle a pitted windshield is to replace it. There are exceptions to the rule. For instance, if the windshield on your vehicle has minor cracks, holes, or scratches, we can repair it as long as it only contains a few pits.


Our technicians can fill the holes and polish the glass if the damage is outside your viewing area while driving. If the windshield has several pits across the surface, however, we strongly recommend a replacement instead of a repair.

Dependable Windshield Repair in Minneapolis

If you have difficulty seeing through your windshield while driving, then bring your car to Only 1 Auto Glass. We specialize in windshield repair and replacement, as well as brand-new installation. Our service extends to vehicle owners in Minneapolis, MN, and the surrounding area.


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