If you have a crack in your windshield, it is important that you get the crack filled in. This helps to prevent it from growing, which can eventually lead to you needing a new windshield. But if you have made an appointment for windshield repair and wake up to find that it is raining or dreary out, you may wonder if windshield repair can go on as planned or if it will need to be rescheduled. Here is some information you will need to know about rain and windshield repair.

Can You Have a Windshield Crack Repaired in the Rain?

Your windshield cannot be repaired in the rain. Your windshield should be completely dry to ensure that the resin can properly adhere to the crack or chip. However, this does not mean all hope is lost if it is raining. Most windshield repair shops have a garage or covered area where they can perform the repair. If you are using a mobile technician, you will need to have a covered area for the repair to be done. If not, you will need to come to their shop where a covered area is available or reschedule your repair appointment.

Can a Freshly Repaired Windshield Be in the Rain?

After your windshield has been repaired, you may wonder if you can move your car back outside, allowing it to sit in the rain. Professionals use a UV light to help the resin in your windshield dry quickly. Once the resin has dried, they will release the car to you. After this has been done, your car can sit in the rain.

Can You Use Your Windshield Wipers on a Just Repaired Windshield Crack?

If you plan on driving your car with a freshly repaired windshield crack in the rain, you may find yourself wondering if you can use the windshield wipers. You can use your windshield wipers after a crack has been filled. This allows you to drive home. However, most experts recommend you limit your driving for an hour or two, to minimize the windshield wipers from going back and forth over the repaired area, if possible. This helps the resin set into place without being disturbed.

Is There Anything You Should Not Do After Having Your Windshield Repaired?

The only thing that you should not do after having your windshield repaired is to take your car through a high-powered car wash. The pressure jets are too much for a freshly repaired windshield and may move or damage the resin.

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