Everyday, thousands of windshield auto chips occur across the country. While getting a windshield rock chip may be a negative, it can be good news. A windshield rock chip, for example, is proof that your auto glass successfully protected you and your occupants. Secondly, a rock chip repair is more affordable and easier to handle than a complete windshield replacement. It is important it get any rock chip repair taken care of quickly to minimize the damage.

Not all rock chip damage is the same however. There are variables that can affect how, and if, a rock chip repair can even be properly accomplished.

Four Factors of Rock Chip Repair

While most rock chip damage can be repaired, repair depends on four factors.

1.       The size of the damaged areas

2.       The type of damage that occurred

3.       How deep the damage is

4.       The location where the damage happened

Repairs of cracks up to 24 inches are possible to repair. Vehicles sustaining damage of cracks longer than this will require a windshield replacement. Most bulls-eye chips and linear cracks can be repaired but there are instances when a rock chip repair may not be possible.

When a Rock Chip Repair is Not Possible

There are a variety of circumstances that may make a rock chip repair impossible or ill-advised. They include:

·         When damage occurs on the edge of the windshield

·         When damage occurs directly in the driver's line-of-sight

·         If damage happened to the inside of the windshield

·         When damage occurs involving an antenna or sensor built-in to the windshield

·         If cracks are too long or too complex

·         When cracks are too contaminated and can't be properly cleaned before repair

How Rock Chip Damage is Repaired

Auto rock chip repair starts with a thorough cleaning and removal of debris using a vacuum injection pump. The injection pump then forces resin into the crack, replacing air in the crack with the clear resin. Ultra violet light is then used to cure the resin. The process can be accomplished in less than a half-hour and cracks can be restored to 95% of original clarity.

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