How do you know if that crack, ding or chip in your windshield can be repaired or needs to be replaced?  Your best option will be contacting a reputable Minneapolis auto glass company to help you evaluate the glass damage. Only 1 has experts to help you and decide if your windshield or window can still be repaired or if a replacement is needed.

Auto Glass Repair–repairs are often the solution of choice when your windshield or windows have a chip, a small crack or damage that is limited to a small area. As a general rule for most Minneapolis auto glass companies; chips as big as a quarter and cracks that are about two to three inches in length can be repaired. Anything bigger however may require auto glass replacement.

The location of the crack or chip also plays a part in whether or not repair is ideal for this over a replacement. If the crack is in an area that endangers the structural integrity of the glass, then it might be a good idea to request for auto glass replacement instead of repair. Some of the areas that auto glass companies don’t consider repairing a good solution include those directly in the line of vision of the driver and those that are found at the very edge of windshields.

Auto Glass Replacement – replacing your windshields or windows means that the damage that can be found on these are either too large to be repaired, or any repair work on these will only serve you for a short while. If you think that the damage to your windshield or window is beyond repair, or any repair to it will only hold it for so long, it’s time for auto glass replacement now.

Whether you are able to determine beforehand if your vehicle needs auto glass repairs or replacements, the final word is usually dependent on what your Minneapolis auto glass repair specialist deems is necessary. Only 1 Auto Glass a reputable auto glass company and is available to help you 24/7. Choose a company that you know you can trust to give you the real deal when it comes to what your vehicle needs.

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