Living in the Minneapolis area, you are used to the harsh winters. With its excessive amounts of ice and snow, salt and sand trucks abound and are a common sight. They leave salt particles all along the roads of the Twin Cities. Most residents know that they need to wash their vehicles frequently in order to remove the excess salt clinging to the metal. However, sometimes the adverse effects of St. Paul winters can still be seen even with the most diligent care. 

Rust: A Side Effect of a Harsh Winter

Rust is often the side effect of living in a place that has notoriously harsh winters. While most people are concerned when they see its effects become evident when it comes to body damage, rust can also have an effect on other aspects of your vehicle. These, such as your windshield might not immediately be obvious. Rust, and its ability to make the structures it attacks less stable, could make it difficult to have your windshield replaced if you need to do so. 

Rust Matters

Rust that is seen around a windshield is most often caused by a leak. A small amount of rust around the perimeter of where your windshield is located is probably something that your windshield replacement company can take care of right there in the shop. Large amounts of rust are likely to be out of their skill range, though. Because rust is probably not something that you will notice during your average day of rushing to work and then home again to take care of your responsibilities, you might be unpleasantly surprised when you take your vehicle to have the windshield repaired. 

Your Windshield Repair and Rust

When you arrive at an auto glass repair shop, the technicians will thoroughly inspect your windshield and its framework. If you have more than just a couple of small areas of rust, you will probably need to take your car to a body shop. Large areas of rust demand that workers have the tools and time to work effectively with it. There, the staff will sand off the rust so that a proper seal can be fashioned between the metal and the sealant. Many primers that are used during the installation of windshields do not stick well to rust. 

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