Windshields and windows can be a confusing part of car maintenance. After all, it's one area of the vehicle that even DIY car owners often can't fix on their own. Here are a few of the most common misunderstandings regarding windshields and window glass in general. 

FACT: Chips and Cracks Don't Really Necessitate a Replacement

Modern windshield repair shops can easily fix chips and cracks without having to invest in a full windshield repair -- provided that the damage is small enough and contained to a single area. In fact, you may not even be able to tell there was any damage once the repair has been completed. But that doesn't mean that chips and cracks don't need to be taken into the shop. Chips and cracks will steadily degrade the strength of the glass, which could ultimately result in it falling apart altogether!

FICTION: Windshields and Windows Can Be Repaired at Home

Everyone with a window crack or windshield chip has been approached by someone claiming to sell a DIY repair kit or to be able to fix the windshield on the road. While the results may appear to be good, engaging in this type of repair is actually quite dangerous. Fast, easy repairs are generally targeted towards making the windshield no longer appear cracked or chipped -- in other words, it's targeted towards improving the vehicle's appearance. The structural issues will still be there and may catch you off guard when they spread or break. Moreover, a DIY kit or a failed repair will make it more difficult for a professional to repair the vehicle properly -- so don't use it as a stopgap measure until you can head over to the shop. 

SORT OF: You Can Break Your Window Glass With Your Headrest

It's easy to panic when you're trapped in a vehicle. Whether you've gone off road in bad conditions or your car is simply malfunctioning, you may find yourself desperate to get out and unable to do so. Common knowledge says that you can actually take off the headrest on your seat and use it to break your car window. It's true, but not in the way that you might think. When you remove your headrest, you'll see two long poles that connect the headrest to the chair. You might assume that you should hit the window with the ends. In fact, you should work the end of the headrest into the slot between the door frame and the window class and then use it as a lever, pulling downwards. 

Perhaps one of the most fictional elements of windshield and window glass is that repair and replacement costs a lot. Though it depends on both the damage and the vehicle itself, most windshield and window repairs are fairly inexpensive. For more information about windshield and window glass repair, contact the experts at Only 1 Auto Glass in St. Paul, MN.