While a lot of people consider themselves as the Do-it—yourself type, there are some things that should be left to professionals and auto glass repair and/or auto glass replacement is one of those things.

Not only does it take professional auto glass installers to repair windshields (yes, even rock chip repairs) and windshield replacements, it takes special tools and chemicals.

Now, if you ran to an auto part store and picked up a bottle of “windshield repair” or purchased a cute little windshield repair kit for about $20 at your local department store, thinking., “Perfect. I can do the rock chip repair or the windshield repair myself and save a lot of money!” You might want to think again.

In the Twin Cities of Minneapolis and St Paul alone there are auto glass repair shops. Those repair shops are there for a reason and it is not because people can easily fix their own windshields – ironically those that do attempt to repair their own windshield can be found sitting in the waiting room of Only 1 Auto Glass waiting for their windshield to be replaced. Yes, I said replaced, not repaired.

What people do not understand is that not only does it take a good amount of skill do a windshield repair, it also takes special tools and chemicals that are not sold at your local auto part store or a department store. These items are high quality products to make sure your windshield is repaired to an almost new state.

So, what happened when those people in the waiting room of Only 1 Auto Glass, (they are easy to spot, they’re the ones hiding behind a newspaper) tried to use their bottle of ‘fix it’ or their little kit. Well, things didn’t go as planned – obviously and now their windshield is in worse shape than it was before they tried the do-it-yourself method, not to mentioned the bruised ego.

Let’s look at this scenario a little differently, you sat on your eye glasses and you cracked the lens. Are you going to try and fix them yourself too? Chances are the answer is no, and you would probably stop whatever you were doing and head to the eye doctor or the optical center immediately. Why? Because you need to see and in some cases it’s dangerous for you and others if you cannot see, especially as you are squinting your way down the road, because you could not find anyone to drive you.

Back to your windshield, perhaps now you understand why you should never try and fix a rock chip or a cracked windshield yourself. All sorts of things can go wrong, let’s just look at a few minor ones – you end up gluing your finger to the windshield, embarrassing, yes, but not the end of the world. Next, you fill the whole with the “fix it” solution and all look well, feeling proud of yourself you head inside. Only to get in your car in the morning to find instead of a chip you now have a whole in your windshield!

I’m pretty sure you all get where I am going with this, so if you find yourself in need of a rock chip repair, windshield repair, or a windshield replacement call Only 1 Auto Glass and make an appointment.