Your auto glass provides a myriad of near invisible ways to protect you and your family. You probably haven’t given many of them much thought, but when you realize all the protection your auto glass provides, you better understand the importance of getting any repairs done by a quality, experienced auto glass company.

  • Protection from the elements. Especially here in Minnesota, your auto glass provides excellent protection from the cold, rain, snow, ice and heat. Tinting in windows not only helps keep cars cooler in hot weather, but also helps protect your car’s interior from fading. The shaded top portion of your windshield helps protect your eyes from the glaring sun.
  • Protection from wind and debris. Driving a car at speeds of 60 or 70 miles per hour would be extremely uncomfortable if not impossible without your car’s windshield. Your car’s rear window also plays an important role in your vehicle’s aerodynamics.  Today’s modern safety glass serves as a shield against debris that could cause far greater damage if it wasn’t in existence. If you get upset the next time you get a rock chip in your windshield, considered what that rock could have done if not for that safety glass.
  • It keeps items inside your vehicle safe. As long as your windows are up and the doors locked, you can feel relatively confident items left inside your car are relatively safe. Of course, it’s never wise, especially during the holidays, to leave valuable items in view, you auto glass does provide a certain layer of protection.
  • It keeps items from flying out of your car. This is especially important if you have children in your car who may be tempted to share the toy they were using with other cars on the road. If you’ve ever driven at higher speeds with your side windows down and loose papers in the car you can appreciate this feature of your auto glass that you may otherwise take for granted.

Only 1 Auto Glass has made customer satisfaction our number one priority. We do this by providing prompt, convenient, and professional service from a team of employee-owners. We have built a network of 13 satellite offices around the Twin Cities to supplement our main St. Paul location. Along with our convenient locations you can visit, we also can come to you with our mobile repair and replacement glass service. We are pleased to provide free estimates and you can even request an online quote conveniently from our website.

When you experience a rock chip or get involved in an accident that leads to an auto glass repair, get it repaired quickly with a call to Only 1 Auto Glass. As much as you may like to believe otherwise, that plastic bag, sheet of clear plastic and duct tape does not offer the protection of you auto glass. Contact us today!