When your vehicle needs to have its windshields or windows repaired or replaced, one of the things you may hear people telling you to do is to find a Minneapolis auto glass repair company that has NGA certification. What exactly is NGA certification and why do people give you this advice? Is it really necessary for you to find an auto glass repair company that is NGA certified for your windshield and auto window needs?

NGA is an acronym for the National Glass Association, which is the trade association of the window and glass industries in the US. The industries that this association covers include the automotive glass, architectural glass and window & door industries. This association offers training as well as education programs for their members, which in turn helps these companies and individuals upgrade their technical skills.

NGA association also helps members enhance and improve quality of workmanship and develop better management practices. NGA helps ensure that members are up to date when it comes to their technical knowledge regarding glass installation, and that standards are followed for maintaining a high quality in terms of workmanship and service.

Selecting a Minneapolis auto glass repair company with NGA certified technicians ensures that you will receive correct glass repair by trained employees. You should always locate auto glass companies with NGA glass technicians with the certificates to prove it.

AGRSS (Automotive Glass Replacement Safety Standards) which is also called the Automotive Glass Safety Council acquired NGA. The certification is still called the AGRSS Certification to help prevent further confusion.

The main reason why you need certified technicians and companies for your auto glass replacement and repair needs is for you to get the best possible technicians and companies working on your vehicle. These certified businesses and individuals uphold the standards and follow the best practices recommended by their association when it comes to auto glass installation.

The certification that such technicians and companies get is not easy to obtain, and requires that they have in-depth knowledge regarding auto glass installation that includes methods used for installing glass on different vehicles and many more.

Only 1 Auto Glass employs certified technicians.