Wondering whether you can leave a minor chip or crack in your windshield and still drive around safely? Although a small, damaged area in your vehicle’s largest window might not seem that dangerous, it certainly can be under certain circumstances.


And if you don’t promptly take care of the windshield repairs your vehicle needs, that tiny damaged area could grow — and quickly. 


Let’s take a look at what can happen to a cracked windshield if you don’t get it repaired and how driving around with auto glass damage can put your safety at risk.


What Can Happen If You Don’t Get Windshield Repairs?

What might happen to a chipped or cracked windshield if you don’t take care of the necessary auto glass repairs?


More than likely, that chip or crack will grow to the point that it can no longer be repaired. And when that happens, you’ll need a complete windshield replacement, which is considerably more expensive than minor auto glass repairs.


But can your vehicle’s windshield shatter if you don’t get a small crack repaired? Under specific circumstances, yes, your windshield could shatter if it has a crack that compromises its integrity. However, it won’t shatter and spray tiny shards of glass all over the inside of your vehicle because windshields are made from laminated glass. This type of glass consists of three layers, two of which are glass and one of which is a transparent, flexible material called polyvinyl butyral (PVB).


Windshields are fashioned this way to prevent them from shattering inward and harming the occupants of a vehicle. While a windshield can certainly suffer widespread cracking, the PVB layer sandwiched between the glass layers is designed to hold the glass together even if it technically shatters.


Why Having an Intact Windshield Is So Important

When you routinely drive in the greater Minneapolis/St. Paul area, you increase your chances of being involved in an accident simply because there’s considerable traffic on most major roadways. According to the Minnesota Department of Transportation, there were 57,127 traffic crashes reported in 2020 alone.


If you end up in a collision (here’s hoping you don’t!), having an intact windshield — meaning one that’s undamaged or professionally repaired — is crucial for your safety. That’s because your car’s windshield plays a vital role in its structural integrity.


If you’re involved in a front-end collision, your windshield is designed to transfer the impact of the crash throughout the frame of your vehicle. This helps minimize the crash’s effect inside the car, protecting the driver and passengers.


But when there’s a glaring chip or crack, the windshield cannot transfer the impact as it's supposed to. Ultimately, the flaw in the glass will absorb a huge amount of force, which will crack it further or even shatter it. In a worst-case scenario, the glass could even detach from the frame when the airbags deploy, which could put you and any passengers you have at risk of serious injury.


Your car’s windshield also provides vertical support, which can prevent your car’s roof from becoming crushed. If you have a rollover accident, a cracked windshield may allow the roof to collapse, causing serious injury.


That is why it is so important to take the time to have your auto glass repair or auto glass replacement done — before you or someone you love suffers serious or even fatal injuries.


Getting Your Cracked Windshield Fixed

While a cracked windshield may seem like a simple annoyance, safety experts agree that there are more severe problems with a cracked windshield than most drivers realize. During normal driving, an imperfection in the structure of your car may not be obvious, but it can quickly become deadly during a car crash.


Fortunately, getting windshield repairs in the Twin Cities area is easy. You can either head to an auto glass repair shop (like Only 1 Auto Glass!) or schedule mobile windshield repairs and have an auto glass specialist come to your location.


Regardless of the option you choose, windshield repairs don’t take a long time, so you’ll have your vehicle back quickly. You can hit the road again safely, knowing that you and your passengers will be better protected in the event of a collision.


Schedule Windshield Repairs in the Twin Cities

If you have a small chip or crack in your windshield, handling auto glass repairs as promptly as possible can help keep you and your passengers safe.


At Only 1 Auto Glass, we specialize in windshield repair and replacement services for Twin Cities drivers and have multiple auto glass repair shops throughout the Minneapolis/St. Paul metro. We also offer convenient mobile repair service, so no matter where you’re located, we can come to you!


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