A spider crack is the second most common type of windshield chip/crack. A rock chip is the leader of the pact; auto glass installers do more rock chip repair work than any other type of auto glass repair.

A spider crack usually has an impact point (which may or may not cause a small hole) in the center and the glass around the impact point cracks around it and gives the appearance of a spider web - hence, the name.
A spider crack is usually the result of a piece of debris or a rock that hits your windshield while driving. In addition, in the Twin Cities of Minneapolis and St Paul areas it is not all that uncommon for hail, ice, and debris from storms to cause damage to your car’s windshield.

Windshield Repair or Windshield Replacement
Windshield spider cracks can be tiny or large. The size, depth, and location of the spider crack will determine what type of auto glass repair will be necessary to restore your car’s windshield.

- If the spider crack is smaller than 12 inches long
- Does not have a large whole in the glass
- Does not disrupt your view
- In some cases, if the windshield does have a small hole in it, a rock chip repair may also be required to fix the windshield.

- The spider crack is larger than 12 inches long
- You have to strain your neck to see around the crack
- You get a nice breeze as you’re driving down the highway compliments of the large whole in your windshield.

If you have a large spider crack in your car’s windshield the only place you should even consider driving it to an auto glass MN repair shop.
If the spider crack is small and it can wait, a few days there are a few things you can do to prevent the crack from getting larger.

Keep the crack dirt free, you can use a piece of clear or invisible tape to cover the crack.

Avoid direct sunlight, in other words, you can still drive your car if the sun is shining, but do not park it in the sun. Find a covered garage or a shady area to park, even if this means you have to huff it a block or two to your destination. If the sun beats on your windshield, it will weaken the glass and possibly cause it to crack even more.

Do not wash your car or clean the windshield, this can cause the crack to become larger.

If you can avoid using your air conditioner, if it’s 103 degrees put the air on low. The change in temperature can cause the crack to enlarge.

Most importantly, do not ignore the spider crack in your windshield even if you follow the advice listed above. If you do ignore the crack what could have been, a simple windshield repair could turn into a windshield replacement.

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