Keeping your car looking nice is a priority for most car owners, you spend a lot of money on your car and take great pride while driving it in the Minneapolis, St Paul, Twin Cities.

However, while your ride may look good, if it is not safe to drive due to a rock chip or windshield crack you need to contact auto glass installers check the internet for auto glass MN and make an appointment for your rock chip repair or windshield repair/windshield replacement.

Safety generally takes precedence over looks when it comes to your car. It’s very important that you know, you and your family are safe when you pull out of your driveway.

How Your Car’s Windshield Protects You
You may not realize how important your car windshield is to your safety. Your windshield protects you and all your passengers from road debris that could potentially harm you, especially if you have a cracked windshield. Imagine you have a cracked windshield and a large rock hits the exact spot where your windshield is chipped. Chances are you now have a cracked windshield and will need an auto glass replacement.
The car’s windshield provides about 30 percent of your car’s structural strength.
-The windshield helps support the airbags deploy.
-The windshield supports the roof of your car
-The non damaged (chipped or cracked) windshield prevents airborne debris from flying through the windshield
-In the event of an accident the windshield keeps you and your passengers in the car (not ejected from it)
-Most newer cars have a protective film that prevents the suns UV rays from penetrating the windshield, hence, no sunburn

It is of the utmost importance that if your windshield is chipped or cracked you are aware of the possible dangers. If you think it startled you when a rock or a piece of debris hit your window and left a little chip behind while you were driving, imagine the terror of having your windshield crack while driving. That is why it is so important to get that windshield repair done as soon as possible. In addition, to the fact a simple windshield repair is a lot less expensive than letting it go and eventually needing a windshield replacement done.

Tips to Take Care of Your Car’s Windshield
Don’t park your car where the windshield will be directly exposed to the sunlight, it can shorten the life of your windshield. Always look for a shady place to park when you're out and about.

When you clean your windshield don’t use an ammonia based cleaner. Ammonia will destroy any tinting you have on your windshield. Instead use a small amount of vinegar to clean your windshield once a week and a cotton towel to dry it, the cotton towel will not leave streaks behind.

Don’t slam the car doors, trunk or hood, this causes extreme vibrations to your windshield.

Your car takes care of you, so why not take care of your car!

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