There are several ways your windshield can become chipped, cracked or broken including the following:
Flying Debris
Violent Storms
Weakened Glass
Automobile Accident
Random act of violence
Theft of items inside your locked vehicle
Windshield Chip Repair

Regardless of the reason why your car windshield has been damaged it needs to be repaired as soon as possible. You may believe that a simple tiny rock chip is harmless, if the chip becomes larger or cracks, guess what, it is no longer harmless and you will have no choice but to have a rock chip repair done. That is if you're lucky and do not need a windshield replacement because you waited too long.

The majority of windshield rock chip repairs and small crack repairs is done by filling the chip/crack with a special resin. The resin fills in the chip in the cars windshield. Returning your car's windshield to like new. The auto glass repair also returns the structural integrity of your car's windshield to close to what it was before the chip or crack.

Small rock chips and cracks can usually be easily repaired, auto glass repair is inexpensive and quick. Especially when you take your car to Only 1 Auto Glass where their auto glass installers are professionals. They have repaired several chips, cracks, windshield repair jobs, and windshield replacement jobs on numerous vehicles of all sizes, from compact cars to semi trucks. Only 1 Auto Glass in Minneapolis, St Paul, Twin Cities area has professional auto glass installers available 24/7 and if need be, they will come to you.

Windshield Replacement
There are some chips and cracks that appear innocent enough, however, they may still require a windshield replacement. Of course, vehicles that have severe windshield damage caused by an accident, violent storm, a random act of violence with a baseball bat or crowbar will need an auto glass replacement.

Windshield replacement may be your only option to repair your windshield. Understandably, a windshield replacement will take longer and cost more than a repair. The original glass has to be removed and a new windshield has to be correctly placed in its spot and secured there. Auto glass installers, also have to take into consideration the structural integrity and make sure it is as close to the original windshield as possible. That is why you should only bring your car to auto glass professionals. Most mechanics do not have the training, qualification, and experience that professional auto glass installers have.

Only 1 Auto Glass has professional auto glass installers available 24/7 and if need be, they will come to you. If you live in the Minneapolis, St Paul, Twin Cities area and can safely drive your car to them, they are the best Auto Glass MN (Minneapolis, St Paul, Twin Cities area) shop you will find.