One of the most common questions that people ask a Minneapolis auto glass companies, when having their automobile fitted for windows or windshields, is if home window glass and glass used on automobiles is the same. If you look at auto glass and ordinary glass, it is easy enough to see that there is no visual difference. In reality, there are actually many differences between these two types of glass.


The glass that is used for vehicles is called safety glass and this is because it does not break in the way regular glass breaks. If you take a closer look at images comparing ordinary glass breaking and auto glass breaking, you will see that regular glass can break in large pieces that have sharp edges while auto glass, when it breaks, either stays in one piece or shatters into thousands of tiny, pebble-like pieces.


The reason why auto glass is made to break like this is to help keep people from being injured during collisions and car accidents. The glass used on automobiles is made specifically this way so that people are kept safe from glass injuries during accidents. You should still be careful when handling broken auto glass though since some of these small shards can still cut you if you do handle them the wrong way.


Aside from the differences between ordinary glass and auto glass, you should also be aware that auto glass comes in two different types. The glass that is used on your front windshield and the ones used on your windows and rear windshield are different, with your front windshield glass being laminated and your window glass as well as your rear windshield glass being tempered. What exactly is the difference between these two and why are these made different in the first place?


Laminated glass, which is used for front windshields, is actually two sheets of glass that are fused together with a thin, clear vinyl layer in the middle forming a very strong piece of glass. This vinyl layer is added to ensure that the windshield stays intact even when it is broken. This is an added precaution to prevent shards and pieces of glass from injuring people should an accident occur. This is also why you can see broken windshields still retain their shape even when it is shattered.


Tempered glass, which is used for car windows and rear windshields, is a heat treated glass that is harder than ordinary glass. This means it is more difficult to break, and when broken, shatters into thousands of dull-edged pieces. The reason why this auto glass is manufactured this way is the same reason why front windshields are laminated, and that is to prevent serious glass injuries from occurring should accidents occur.


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