Where do you look when trying to find an Auto Glass Repair Company in the Minneapolis metro area?  You probably used Google and ended up here in search for help.  Minneapolis hosts a number of companies specializing in auto glass replacement and repair, and you can find these companies with a simple Google search.

How do you find the one that you can trust and work with? There are indeed quite a number of companies that specialize in auto glass replacement and repair to be found online, that does not mean however that finding one you can trust and work with is just as easy. Here are some helpful tips to help you select the right company for your needs.

  • Make sure that the company you are thinking of working with is certified by the NGA and the Auto Glass Safety Council. – Try to check if the Minneapolis auto glass repair company you are considering hiring for your auto glass needs is certified by these associations. Having certifications from these groups will tell you that not only are the people working in these companies well trained and up-to-date with their technical knowledge regarding auto glass installation, but also that these businesses follow strict industry practices that ensure quality work at all times.
  • Try to find a company that is near you for convenience. – Some people end up choosing a company that is a bit far from where they are because they simply failed to check the location of the auto glass company they chose. Try to check the contact us page of these companies to determine if they are near you. You can also check their service area or satellite locations page to determine if they have a shop near you.
  • Don’t fall for the less-than-one-hour process that some companies claim to do even when they haven’t seen your vehicle yet.–Some companies will give you a guarantee over the phone or while chatting with them online that they can finish your auto glass repair or replacement job in less than an hour even before they actually see what needs to be worked on.This can mean that they are not being honest or do not really know what they are doing and are just giving you a blind guarantee just to get your business.A reputable company wouldn’t give you such a guarantee until they see the extent of the damage to determine how much work needs to be done on your car.
  • Get recommendations. – You likely know someone who has had their auto glass repaired or replaced by a Minneapolis auto glass repair company. Try to ask friends, family, colleagues and even friends of these people if they can recommend a good one for you to use. You will find that people will be more than willing to give you advice and feedback regarding certain auto glass Minneapolis companies that they have used or their friends have gone to.

You can also find recommendations on Yelp, Facebook, and other social media websites.