Like many other industries, you probably have one type of service that pops up in your head when you hear their names. The same is probably true for auto glass installers. You likely think that these companies only install windshields that have been cracked beyond repair. In all actuality, though, an auto glass installer such as Only 1 Auto Glass offers much more than windshield replacement.


There is a reason why windshield replacement is so commonly thought of as being the primary service that a window installer performs: it is one of the most popular services offered by companies such as Only 1 Auto Glass. However, they not only provide replacement services for windshields, this company also offers replacement of your side and/or rear auto glass as well. In some instances, your auto glass is replaced because its repair would be too costly. In other cases, replacement is the safest option when it comes to the type of chip or crack that is present in the auto glass.


If you find a chip or crack in your auto glass, your first thought might be that you will need to replace it. After a consultation with a trained professional in the auto glass industry, though, you could be pleasantly surprised to discover that it can actually be repaired instead. Depending on the particular factors involved in your auto glass, it could cost less to have it repaired. Having your auto glass repaired might also take up less time as well.

Insurance Assistance

Navigating the insurance system can be a confusing and time-consuming event. Let Only 1 Auto Glass make your life easier by taking advantage of their insurance assistance services. If you end up failing a claim with your insurance company, Only 1 Auto Glass will keep you informed of the process every step of the way so there are no unpleasant surprises or delays.

Mobile Services

Getting your auto glass repaired or replaced can mean that something else important is getting pushed to the back burner. While this is to be expected at some point in your life, it does not have to be true when you need an new or repaired auto glass. Only 1 Auto Glass offer mobile services that come to you -- whether that is your home, office or anywhere in between. They also offer 24/7 service via email so even if you have an emergency overnight, you can get a jump on getting it fixed.

Only 1 Auto Glass strives to put their customers first. They realize that having to get your auto glass replaced or repaired is a necessity so they want to make it as painless as possible.