It is one thing to drive down the road and hear the crack of a rock as it strikes your windshield. Windshield replacement is part of driving. It happens to us all. It is quite another thing to wake up to find that someone has broken into your car and stolen your stereo. It is even worse when they smash your window to get into your car. That repair is not a normal part of driving and the cost to repair that damage can be a bitter pill to swallow. The following tips are excellent ways never to need that medicine.



Keep your car clean and make sure anything that may be valuable to a thief is out of sight. To break into a car, requires that the thief take a risk. The risk of getting caught must be smaller than the reward. The value of what the thief steels is the reward. When you leave things, even things that are of little value to you, in plain sight you give a thief an advantage. They can look and see the reward. They can weigh the risk of getting caught against the value of the reward and make a conscious decision to break into your car or not. A car with nothing of value in-sight offers a thief higher risk and a lower payoff. Most thieves would simply move to another target rather than risk getting caught for little reward.



Add in an Alarm. An automobile alarm raised the risk of being caught. It decreases the amount of time that a thief has once they have broken your window. Every pulse of that car alarm brings with it the risk of being caught. Alarms work. When you couple them with keeping your car clear of valuables then you have increased the chances that a thief will walk away without smashing your window. Nobody wants to wake up to discover they need an auto glass replacement company. You can help yourself avoid that need with an alarm.



Choose your parking spot wisely. Thinking about where to park has its advantages. If you park in a higher traffic area then your decrease a thief's opportunity to target your car. If you park in a low traffic area that is dark then, you increase a thief's opportunity target your car. Shadows hide people and their actions. Choose a well-lit spot where a passerby may notice shady activities.



After the Fact:

If these tips are coming to you after someone has broken a window in your car and stolen your stereo, your jacket, or your iPhone we are sorry for your loss. However, we can help you begin to recover from this dastardly deed. We offer glass replacement for your entire car. Side window replacement, mirror replacement and even windshield repair. When you use are St Paul auto glass services, you get a comprehensive company that focuses on delivering a high degree of customer satisfaction while we provide you outstanding service. We also work with insurance companies. If your auto glass problems are part of your insurance coverage, we can help get your claim approved.


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