Proper driving distances to reduce windshield chips

Driving too close to the car in front of you can increase the risk of windshield chips, dings and cracks. Rocks, debris and other things can be flung from rear tires. The object’s hardness and your speed will determine how much damage the object can cause to your car. Driving at a safe distance can help you avoid repairing or replacing auto glass.

Determining your safe driving distance

The safe driving distance varies on the weather and road conditions. Dry summer days allow for a two second buffer, yet three seconds is recommended. Adverse weather, such as snow, will require you to increase the distance to a far enough distance to remain safe. Judging the vehicle in front of you against fixed objects is necessary to determine the distance. You can use a tree, intersection, or another stationary object to start your count. Start counting when the vehicle in front of you drives past the object, and stop counting when you pass the object.

You will want to double the safe distance for large trucks, garbage trucks and dump trucks. The loads from these large haulers often end up on the road. Be careful if you see rocks falling out of a dump truck or large truck!

Poor Weather safe distances
You should keep at least a 4 second gap between your car and the car in front of you in poor weather. Some considerations for poor weather conditions:
• Ice
• Snow
• Sleet
• Fog
• Heavy Rain
• Dust Storms

Poor weather and the terrain of the road can add to how long you need to be behind a car in front of you. There is no definitive safe distance number for all conditions. You need to use your best judgment to drive safe and reduce your risk for car damage and auto glass replacement. St Paul can be a hard area in the winter time on auto glass.

Safe Driving is the smart way to drive
Using safe distance driving as a part of defensive driving are great ways to avoid accidents, damage to your car and can help to avoid traffic tickets.

Chipped and Cracked Windshields

Sometimes even the safest of drivers can’t avoid a rock flung by the semi in front of the driver. Damage to windshields happens when we least expect it. Only 1 Auto Glass is your local resource for auto glass repair or replacement. Our certified technicians can come to you to repair or replace your windshield and make your vehicle safe again.

Only 1 Provides Superior Customer Service

Providing the best customer service with auto glass repair and replacement is our business. We can repair the windshields that can be repaired, and we can replace your windshield with a new OEM windshield.

Our services include
Windshield Repair
Windshield Replacement
Rear window Replacement
Side Window Replacement

We can repair many small dings and chips in windshields. Some chips and dings are too large for repair and require a replacement. Cracks nearly always require a replacement. 

Only 1 is your best resource for working with your insurance agent. You simply need to call Only 1 to start the process. You will be assisted with the paperwork and we will speak to your insurer for you. 

We can travel to your vehicle in St Paul, MN and do the repair or replacement on-site.

Only one is your “One and Only” choice for Quality Auto Glass Installation

Customer Satisfaction is our goal and is achieved when we provide the best customer service to all of our auto glass clients. We have earned the best reputation by treating every auto glass repair and auto glass replacement project as if it were for our own family members.

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