Only 1 Auto Glass has over 200 years of combined experience in the Auto Glass Industry and we have learned a few things about customer satisfaction. That is why our technicians are the best in the state. We make sure they are NGA and now AGSC certified, and qualified to go out into the field and restore your auto glass in any environment perfectly, every time. When researching an auto glass repair business you will want to check the obvious places for good reviews such as the BBB and Angie's list. (We come up great on both.) However you may not know to check if they have any NGA or AGSC certified technicians on staff. If they do not it indicates that they may not be very experienced in the auto glass industry, or they may not be qualified to pass the certifications. Either way, be wary of a business who does not have a single Auto Glass Safety Council certified installer.

What Does NGA Certified Mean?

National Glass Association

The letters N. G. A. stand for National Glass Association. The National Glass Association was a way to set a standard of quality that technicians had to meet across the board. No longer could just anyone say they were qualified to fix glass then leave customers in a bind or in danger because they paid for sub par services. Being certified by the National Glass Association meant that your installer or repair person met the standards of safety and craftsmanship set up by the Association. Customers are warned not to hire a glass repair person who is not certified or backed by a certified technician for quality control. It was never simple to become certified, however they upgraded recently to the AGSC making the process even more competitive and rewarding.

What Does AGSC Certified Mean?

Auto Glass Safety Council Logo

AGSC stands for Auto Glass Safety Council. The Nat. Glass Association sold their auto glass technician certification programs to the Auto Glass Safety Council increasing the standards of the profession even more. To become an Auto Glass Safety Council certified installer a person has to take a test to show knowledge in topics ranging from OSHA standards, to meeting all of the industry standards of new installations and repairs and recognizing flaws other may not notice. The thing is, to even be eligible to take this exam, a person is required to have at least three years in the auto glass industry, hold an unexpired General Auto Glass Technician certificate and be an employee of member companies. A technician who becomes an Auto Glass Safety Council certified installer has to prove to be a master in the art and skill of installing and repairing glass and already have extensive experience actually doing the job. This is a certification that means something.

If you need fast auto glass repair we are the best St Paul auto glass business available. We provide fast and efficient service at your location so you do not have to be inconvenienced by your flawed windshield any longer than necessary. All of our technicians are either certified or working directly under a certified technician while preparing to take their own test.

Contact Only 1 Auto Glass today for all of your St Paul auto glass needs. We have the art of a fast and efficient auto glass replacement or repair down to a science and our technicians are the best in the field. We work with all insurances and can make arrangements if you need to pay with cash. Every step of the process is designed to be as convenient for the customer as possible, so call today for an estimate.


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