Windshield and Specialty Windshield Replacement

Most of us get into our cars and drive off never giving much of our car more than a casual consideration. We notice things when they are not working. If the stereo went out in your car, you would not only notice it, but also you would likely be inconvenienced and annoyed. How many people drive around with chips and cracks in their windshield? Quite a few people do, which to us is kind of odd.


The Role of The Windshield

Corvette Windshield Replacement

It is called a windshield and that is one of the very jobs that it does. It blocks the wind, but it does a whole lot more than that. Windshields block the rain and help to keep the ice and snow out of your car during the winter months. They block things that fly at your car like birds, insects, and other organisms. Imagine if you hit a bird without a windshield. Somewhere there is a study about how large of a bird the standard windshield will block. Windshields are important. Consider that chip in your windshield. What caused it? A rock? Ouch! A small rock kicked up by a car or truck in front of you that is traveling at 60 MPH have the velocity of a bullet. That chip in your windshield is now a chink in your armor. Replace the integrity of your chipped windshield by having those chips repaired or your windshield replaced.


Windshield Repair

Is it better to replace your windshield or repair your windshield? The answer is almost always that is it better to repair rather than replace for the simple fact that it costs less to repair than it does for windshield replacement. Sadly, not every windshield can be repaired. Sometimes the damage creates a situation where the chips or cracks cannot be filled. Other structural designs, such as embedded antennas make it impossible to repair chips or cracks. If your windshield needs to be replaced, Only 1 Auto Glass can do a professional job with factory like results. Even with specialty cars such as corvettes and other high profile vehicles Only 1 Auto Glass has you covered.


St Paul Auto Glass

The best piece of advice that you can get when it comes to problems with the glass on your car, truck or SUV is to have chips repaired immediately. The reason is that a chip can become a crack with the slightest disturbance. This means that hitting a bump in the road or even playing the stereo can cause windshield damage to worsen. To make this more important. Understand that the cost of replacing a Corvette windshield that has an HUD, which stands for Heads Up Display, can cost quite a bit more than a standard car without a HUD. This is because the cost of the windshield itself is more expensive. To avoid those extra costs, make sure that chips are repaired quickly before they escalate into serious damages.

Why Use Only 1 Glass?

If your HUD windshield on your corvette needs to be replaced, then call Only 1 Auto Glass. We are experienced in dealing with these specialty windshields and with replacing them. Only 1 Auto Glass is BBB accredited business and is registered with the Auto Glass Safety Council. We use only Auto Glass Safety Council certified installers and together we have over 150 years of combined experience repairing and replacing automobile glass. We also understand specialty windshields like the HUD windshields found on Corvettes and other vehicles. Being able to work with the best technology that the automobile manufacturing world can throw at us gives us an advantage over other companies. We also make windshield repair or replacement easy on you. We can come to your home or place of work or you can come to us. We provide service throughout Minneapolis and St. Paul


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