Honda Accord Windshield Replacement Minneapolis
Honda Accords
are some of the best cars made. Honda cars provide an exceptional value to consumers. Accords are designed to last a very long time, be simple to repair, perform very well, and be economical to own. You can notice the standard design details on Honda accords which other auto manufacturers reserve for higher end models.

The windshields of Honda Accords meet safety regulations while also designed to reduce friction and drag while the car is driving. One of the drawbacks from the Accord design is the tendency for rocks to ricochet off Accord windshields during winters. Honda Accords are naturally low to the ground and receive windshield damage like many other smaller cars. Honda Accord windshield replacement in Minneapolis is more common in the winter than in the summer.

Chances are good that your windshield can be repaired if the damage is small and has not formed a crack. Only 1 Auto Glass has trained technicians that can evaluate the damage to your Honda Accord windshield and recommend a repair or windshield replacement.

Honda accord windshield repair is an economical way to fix small damage. Windshield repairs generally need to happen soon after your windshield was damaged. Honda Windshields are tough and resilient to damage, yet even Honda Accord windshields become damaged from flying rocks during Minnesota winters.

This winter was especially cold and the amount of snow that fell in Minneapolis will be remembered. The State, Cities and municipalities used up the snow removal budgets and a few snowfalls did not have quick snow removal. The polar vortex events dealt severe cold and snowfall to much of the United States.

Windshields received a lot of damage from the amount of sand and rocks on the roads. The extreme cold caused many slightly damaged windshields to crack and become structurally compromised. Many car owners found themselves needing to have their windshields replaced for the first time.

Only 1 Auto Glass technicians were busy with a large number of damaged windshields in Minneapolis. We saw all different kinds of cars and trucks with more damage than average winters. Honda Accord windshield repair and replacement services were higher than normal. We saw more cracked windshields after the polar vortex arctic fronts retreated back to Canada.

Our Honda Accord clients were glad that we were able to replace their windshields where the car was located. There were only a few days that we were not able to visit our clients and replace their Honda Accord windshields at the office or at our clients’ homes.

Only 1 Auto Glass takes great pride in providing complete customer satisfaction for every client. We do everything in our power to provide the best experience for every client. We will go to our client and perform a windshield repair or replacement if the roads are able to be driven on. We will replace Honda Accord windshields all around Minneapolis. We perform Minneapolis Honda Accord windshield replacements 24/7. You can call us at 3:00AM on a Sunday morning and schedule a windshield replacement if that is what you need.

We at Only 1 Auto Glass take customer satisfaction very seriously and we live up to the reputation that we have earned. We would like to provide you the best service possible in Minneapolis when you need to replace your Honda Accord windshield.

There are few guarantees in life that a company will make. We guarantee that we will replace your windshield with OEM or superior glass, when you need it, where you need it, and we will do our best to ensure that you are completely satisfied.

Contact us today for Honda Accord windshield replacement in Minneapolis, MN.