When your car window doesn’t roll up or down, it’s often assumed that there is a mechanical failure such as a bad fuse or a motor that’s gone awry. We often observed, however, that it can also be due to broken or cracked glass. The slightest chip or broken piece can become lodged into the track and completely derail or jam the window. If your window doesn’t budge, then you can bring it to the Only 1 Auto Glass service center, and we can inspect the side window for damaged glass and then repair or replace it.


How Can You Tell if Your Window is Broken

When you roll a window up, you will not see the bottom part of it. That is because there has to be more window than frame to ensure that the entire frame is sealed. Therein lies the problem. Since you can’t see the bottom portion, then there may be other signs that bottom section is broken. For instance:


●        Do you hear scraping as the window is moving up or down? This could be a tiny chip that is sliding up and down the metal frame.


●        Does the window slowly stop midway while going up or down? This could mean that the piece of glass is becoming more lodged as it moves.


●        Does the window tilt forward or backward as it moves up or down? More than likely, you have an entire bottom piece that is completely broken off and needs to be replaced.


Bring Your Broken Window to Auto 1 Glass Service

If you feel that your window is broken, then our technicians can inspect the entire window system to locate the problem. If there is a tiny piece that is chipped away from the glass, then we can simply remove it and reposition the window. We may find that the window is broken enough to warrant a full auto glass replacement. Damaged glass can hurt all the components of the window system including the railing and the motor.


Don’t take chances with your window. Bring your car into Auto 1 Glass service today for a thorough assessment of your window system. Our certified technicians have both the skill and training necessary to fix any window on foreign or domestic cars. It’s better to catch these problems before they become costly. Call us today at 651-789-1111 and schedule a window repair or replacement. We service all personal and commercial cars in the Twin Cities, Minnesota area.