Auto Glass InstallationIn the past, when it came to getting auto glass repair or when you are thinking of going to an auto glass installation company to have your windshield replaced, you did not have that many choices when it came to the glass you are to use. You were also required to leave your vehicle behind for a few hours to a few days in order for the adhesive to cure and set properly.

Due to the latest breakthroughs in auto glass technology, which includes the products and methods used for repairing and replacing auto glass, you will find that you have so many choices in terms of glass types, adhesive options and repair times. These options now make the task of auto glass repair, auto glass installation, and windshield replacement better as well as easier to customize according to each person’s needs and wants. If a person wants a more durable, if albeit more expensive type of glass for their windshield, this can be easily done nowadays.

Auto Glass Repair and Replacement Innovations

When you wanted to have your windows or windshields repaired in the past, the length and size of the crack or chip usually plays a huge part in the task at hand. While the size and the length of the damage are still considered these days, the limit has considerably increased as compared to those in the past. You can now have longer and bigger cracks and chips repaired, instead of having window or windshield replacements made. If you can only have 3 inch cracks effectively repaired in the past, some auto glass repair companies can now effectively return to normal auto glass with cracks as long as 7 to 12 inches, depending on the severity of the damage.

Another useful innovation that comes with the constant research and development going into this particular industry is the faster drying adhesives that are used for windshield installation. In the old days, when you needed to have your windshield replaced, you needed to bring your car in, and you had to leave it for a day or two in order for the adhesives used on the glass to set properly. In those days, heat was also needed to make these adhesive pliable and workable enough to use with your windshields.

These days, you can see auto glass repair companies boasting of a one-hour drive away time for windshield installations and replacements. This also comes with the fact that the adhesives that are being used do not need to be heated for proper adhesion but are applied cold. This speeds up the installation and replacement process considerably, giving people little time to worry about the inconvenience of not having a vehicle to use while their auto glass is being worked on.

Also part of the latest updates for auto glass repairs and replacements are the types of glass you can now choose to use for your vehicles. If you own a smart phone, then you know what gorilla glass is and what it can do. Imagine being able to drive off with a vehicle that has gorilla glass installed for the windshield and windows in the future. This will mean that you can have very durable, shatterproof glass for your cars. This is still in development though and may come out in a year or two, depending on when the manufacturer deems it is ready for distribution.

Also in the hopper is the creation of auto glass that can help the environment. Called “green glass”, this type of auto glass can help the environment with its reduced weight, and the lowering of heat absorption which leads to a more fuel efficient vehicle, which in turn helps reduce gas emissions.