The answer to the question is yes, it is legal for someone to sell his or her vehicle to someone else with a broken windshield. The condition, however, is the buyer must be aware of the damaged glass, and agree to purchase the vehicle under the that condition. If you assume ownership of a car with a damaged window, then you should bring the vehicle to Only 1 Auto Glass to have all the windows inspected and the glass repaired.


What About Minnesota Auto Dealerships?

Although selling a damaged vehicle is never in a dealership’s best interest, it is also not illegal in the state of Minnesota as long as the car is advertised and sold ‘as is’. The buyer must also fully understands what he or she is purchasing. In most cases, a used car dealer will provide a detailed written outline of anything that is wrong with a vehicle before agreeing to sell a car. In this case, all window repairs can be quickly resolved by an Only 1 Auto Glass technician. If you drive a car off the lot in this condition, then fixing the windshield should be your top priority.


Are You Legally Responsible for a Damaged Windshield Once You Purchase the Car?

According to Minnesota law, you are responsible for maintaining the windshield once you drive it off the lot. Here is a summary of the state regulations:


●        The windshield must be in good enough condition so that the wipers can properly function all the way across the surface.

●        All replacement windshields must be engineered using glazing material that reduces the amount of glass that shatters or projects upon impact.

●        All replacement window glass must meet or exceed all state and industry safety standards in order to replace the original glass.

●        Drivers may not operate a car with a broken windshield that prohibits reasonable clear viewing in front of the car.


What About Insurance?

At Only 1 Auto Glass we gladly accept all insurance claims. We work with providers to repair windshields according to their guidelines regarding buying, selling, and operating a vehicle with damaged glass. Many times these regulations are vague or buried somewhere in the policy. Before agreeing to purchase a car with a damaged windshield, you should contact your auto insurance provider to find out what terms and conditions apply to your purchase. You should specifically ask if the windshield will be covered under the purchase.


Do Not Hesitate. Bring Your Windshield to Only 1 Auto Glass

If you have recently purchased a vehicle and need to get the windshield repaired or replaced, then visit the team at Only 1 Auto Glass. We offer professional, comprehensive windshield repairs, as well all of the glass around your entire vehicle. We serve car owners in the Maplewood, Minnesota area. Call us today at 651-789-1111 for a free estimate. We can fully restore your car back to looking like new!