If you need a windshield, you may have noticed that different auto glass repair shops quote you a different price for the replacement. This is because the cost of auto glass replacement varies based on several factors. Learning what factors your cost will be based on will help you select a company to hire to fix or replace your windshield. Here are a few of the factors Only 1 Auto Glass looks at when quoting you a price.


The Cleanup and Removal Cost

Before a new windshield can be installed in your car, the old one has to be removed. If you are replacing your windshield because there is a large crack in it, the removal process is fairly straightforward. However, if your windshield is shattered, removing it is more challenging. And there is a clean up process involved to remove all of the shards of glass. As such, you can expect to pay more if your windshield is broken and shattered than if it is still in one piece.


The Cost of the Glass

The next factor that affects the cost of your windshield replacement is the cost of the replacement glass. The type of glass and size of glass used varies based on the make and model of your vehicle. If you have a larger car, such as a truck or SUV, your windshield glass is likely going to cost more than someone who has a small commuter car. This is because the windshield is bigger. However, outside of this, some manufacturers use different types of glass that can affect the price. As such, Only 1 Auto Glass has to price out the type of glass you need and base your quote on that.


How Much Time Installation Will Take

The last factor that comes into play when determining how much a windshield replacement will cost is how much time installation will take. Different seals need to be used depending on the weather. A regular seal will not cure or harden in freezing weather or when it is raining. A different seal needs to be used, but this seal takes longer to harden, meaning installation takes a little bit longer. Also, it takes longer to install a windshield on a larger car than a smaller one. The length of time it takes to install the windshield affects the price and is reflected in the price quote you receive for a new windshield.


If you need a new windshield in the Minneapolis, St Paul, Twin Cities area, turn to Only 1 Auto Glass. We can replace your windshield properly, ensuring the windshield holds with no leaks. We offer fair pricing and mobile service, making the faster more convenient for you. Call us today to discuss your auto glass needs, request an estimate, or to schedule an appointment.